V Rising Razer Hood & Razer Cloak

Even though V Rising is an Early Access game, it is stuffed with content and things to do. In fact, it feels more feature-complete than many fully released games. However, since it is an EA title, this means that it is regularly being updated. These updates can take the form of rebalancing changes and bug fixes, but also – brand new content. Take the latest patch to the game, which added the Razer Hood and Razer Cloak to V Rising. In this guide, we are going to explain how you can get the Razor Hood & Razor Cloak.

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V Rising Razer Hood & Razer Cloak

How to Find Razer Hood and Razer Cloak in V Rising

Let’s start with the Razer Hood. To get this item, you will have to fish for it. Specifically, fish in the Dunley Farmlands region. It is a green hood with a mist that is covering your character’s face, and looks very cool. Of course, like many other things in the game, getting it depends on RNG. What this means is that you can spend quite a lot of time fishing until the game smiles at you and you receive the Rezor Hood.

As for the Razer Cloak, you can also get it in a very similar way. Instead of fishing for it, you can instead acquire it as a random chest drop. Unlike the Razor Hood, the Razor Cloak comes in T1, T2, and T3 versions. Which version you get depends on the matching tier of the zone you found it in. So, for example, if you receive it from a chest in the Silverlight region – which is an end-game zone – it will be T3. Of course, there may be other ways of obtaining the Razer Hood and Razer Cloak in V Rising. If you have figured out another method to get these, please share it with us in the comments.

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