Dishonored 2 demo is out and it’s whopping 50 GB large

It’s all great going all digital when it comes to games, but those download sizes could really be smaller. OK, there are those who prefer the physical version because of the nice boxes, and there are those who want to be free to sell their games or exchange them instead of building huge digital libraries. But those download sizes, man! Dishonored 2 demo is live now on PC/PS4/Xbox One, bringing three levels worth of stealthy goodness, but it is still not that encouraging to see the size of the PC and Xbox One version going up to 50 GB. The PS4 version is still a whopper with 40 GB, and console players know very well that space can be at a premium when you are trying to juggle a few big games on your system.

Dishonored 2 New Game Plus & How It Works
Korvo and Emily are a father and a daughter, in case you were wondering.

Dishonored 2 came out last year, mere couple of weeks before the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV, which may have contributed to its somewhat lukewarm reception. Even though it brought new things, such as the lead female character of Emily, combined with the well-known character of Korvo, it was still criticized for a lackluster performance. Bethesda failed to provide review copies as part of their new tactics they started last year, and the game itself was at fault for not providing a lot of replay value. Luckily, this has changed since the release.

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The demo provides three levels out of the nine that exist in the game itself, so you are basically getting 30% of the game to check out. All progress is transferable to the full version, should you wish to buy it after checking out the first three levels. It is a gesture of good will by Bethesday and should be commended, but it feels that this demo would have been put to much better use if it was released prior to the actual launch of the game last year.

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