Errors & Problems in Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is out in some regions already, and people are starting to report issues. It’s got the usual problems that come with a big game launch.
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Some of them are easy to get around with tweaks and little changes, but others are going to make you wait for a patch. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of errors & problems in Dishonored 2, how to fix or avoid them when possible.

errors problems dishonored 2
Note: This page is under construction. We’re going to update it with new problems and solutions as they surface.

Stuck at Loading Screen in Dishonored 2

Both AMD and Nvidia users are experiencing this issue – the loading screen where Corvo/Emily’s faces are split loops forever. Some players reported that pressing alt+enter to go to fullscreen mode solved their problem.

Dishonored 2 Nvidia FPS Fix

People who’ve already got their hands on the PC version of the game are complaining about poor performance – namely, framerate issues. Lowering the settings seems to help some, but not much – it increases the FPS a little, but not nearly enough. It’s up to the devs to fix this, mostly, but if you’re using and Nvidia card, here’s what you could do:
  • Go to the Nvidia control panel
  • Find the game-specific settings for Dishonored 2
  • Set maximum pre-rendered frames to 1
Apart from waiting for help, you could try to close everything you have running in the background. The good news is that most people experience these severe framerate drops only in the throne room, so as soon as you’re out of there, you’ll feel much better. It’s not an actual, proper solution, but it’s better than nothing.

Dishonored 2 PC Crashes

Several people have complained about the game crashing right after the intro logos. There’s no one solution to fix it, but you could try these:
  • Restart your computer
  • Roll back your graphics card drivers, in case you’ve updated them recently
  • Verify the game cache using Steam (right click->properties->local files->verify game cache)
  • Try playing in a borderless window
  • If you have a CPU without SSE 4.1 support, the game simply won’t work

Input Lag in Dishonored 2

If you’re experiencing input lag, you could go to the settings and turn off mouse smoothness. In most cases, this solves the problem entirely.
If turning it off in the game doesn’t work, you’ll have to do it through the ini file. Follow these steps:
  • Go to C:\Users\your_user_name\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\dishonored2\base\dishonored2config.cfg
  • Backup the file before making any changes.
  • Open it using notepad.
  • Find the line with g_mousesmooth and set it to 0.
  • Save the changes.
  • Make the file read-only, or the change will revert automatically. You won’t be able to change the settings from the game anymore, but at least the mouse will work properly.

Dishonored 2 Steam unpacking

Some PC players are having trouble installing the game over Steam. It gets stuck in the “unpacking” phase, reporting estimated finish times from a couple of hours up to a year. If you’re experiencing these, here’s what you need to do:
  • Open Task Manager
  • Go to Details/Processes
  • Find Steam.exe
  • Right click on it, and set priority to Real Time

DirectX 11.1 error when starting Dishonored 2

This is an easy one, and it’s limited to Windows 7 users. When you start the game, a message will pop up, telling you to check whether you have a GPU that supports DirectX 11.1. What you need to do is download the Platform update. Just go to the Microsoft site, download and install the update.

Dishonored 2 starting on wrong monitor

If you’re using a PC with two or more monitors, the game will start on monitor 1, instead of the one that’s marked as primary. If you want to change this, there’s a menu option that lets you choose it. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to do it through the ini file:
  • Go to C:\Users\your_user_name\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\dishonored2\base\dishonored2config.cfg
  • Backup the file before making any changes.
  • Open it with notepad.
  • Find r_fullscreen and set it to the appropriate number.
  • Save changes, exit and make the file read-only. You won’t be able to change settings from the menu anymore, but it will keep them the way you want.

Can’t download Dishonored 2 on PS4 and XB1

Many console players are reporting being unable to download the game, even though they should be. Bethesda’s support team is investigating the matter, so a solution should appear quickly. Hang tight.

Playstation 4 Performance Issues in Dishonored 2

Some PS4 owners have started reporting various performance issues with the game – stuttering, freezing, lag, etc. The only thing you can do, if you’re one of the people experiencing these, is turn down mouse friction in the menu. Other than that, you’ll have to wait for the developers to fix it.

If you’re having an issue and it’s not listed in the guide above, make sure to share it in the comment section, so we can look for a solution together.



  1. A
    Andrew Picchietti

    I am on mission 3 the good doctor and most of my saves are at the same point. I cured Dr. Hypatia but I cannot talk to her when it says hit square to talk to. It says i still need to determine solokovs location but I have already done everything I can. I can’t get out of this and I can’t advance. What should I do?

  2. G

    PS4 Every Mission no matter what I do all hostiles killed. Doesn’t matter if I knock them out, or use sleeping darts. End of mission total hostiles killed 100%.

  3. P

    Ps4 some of my powers and all of my keys deleted when i started it up. Neither auto save had these things and it was working fine when i exited last night.

  4. A

    Possible Spoiler Alert

    For Non-Lethal Playthrough’s only

    PS4 Mission 9 DO NOT TAKE OUT DELILAH NON-LETHALLY BEFORE YOU SET HER ON HER THRONE This was my first Playthrough when it happened i did not know how to complete it without killing, when i found out I had already put Delilah unconscious and brought her outside the painting, I did everything as normal besides the order being wrong. I placed the corrupt rune and set Delilah on the throne the cutscene activated as normal and Delilah travels back into her painting however, it remains open instead of closing behind her. A marker is left at her throne signaling to do something but nothing will happen and no action can be performed upon entering the painting, the normal vine-thingy traps are still there and will whip you if you get too close, but there will be no Delilah she will not spawn in the painting or anywhere else and you will be stuck, unless you have a save point to save your game from in-completion.

  5. D

    I’m at the final part of the game and I killed Delilah and I guess she turned to ash because I have that trait set to no matter who/what I kill it turns to ash and I can’t return the heart to the body so I’m kind of stuck. 😐

  6. D

    I’ve got to mission 6 Dust City and now my saved game data won’t load and the game crashes every time I try to load.

  7. T

    Xbox one . I beat the game and then when I go to rescue xxxx it fades to black and then nothing happens.whats going on. no one else seems to have this issue. no epilogue.

  8. M

    I have killed the doctor lady on mission 3 good doctor and shut down the watch tower but my marker to recuperation won’t go away and I have collected everything and I don’t want to restart, any ideas?

  9. S

    My game on ps4 takes ages to load after the first mission. It installs the and its been like 8 hours and it on 86% how long does it usually take?

  10. L

    I did the first mission on ps4 and it installs the next one. The problem is that it has installed 8 hours and its still just 86%

  11. D

    I am on mission 9. I have gone to the throne room. Used the heart on Delilah but she has just vanished. She hasnt gone into the picture and the picture has not opened to go trough. I have also placed the corrupt rune on the throne. In the menu it still says i need to use the heart, however it turned to dust so i not longer have it? Totally confused and I’ve spent hours trying to find out what to do, going back over everything on the level. Any ideas.

  12. C

    I cant save my progress help me please i just want to be able to play such a good game

  13. C

    Ketchua…….Finally just got this game and was having the black screen issues after the load screen as well. I’m on a 2560×1080 monitor and thought that was maybe the issue. I reinstalled gpu drivers, restarted, admin mode, etc…but nothing. Then I read your article and tried alt+enter and that gave me access to the game and options menu. Once I configured it to 2560×1080 the game now runs without any issues on startup. Thank you for the tip!!

  14. M

    i cant even go out into the streets i says i only downloaded 75%

  15. A

    “Find r_fullscreen and set it to the appropriate number.”

    That doesn’t change the monitor the game is displayed on, but the display mode (fullscreen, windowed, borderless fullscreen).

  16. A

    I downoaded the dishonored 2 bundle upon launch it gives me an error cannot start application, the Internet says to redownload the game so i uninstalled it (100 percent all data from what i can tell) when i go to reinstall the game it tells me it cannot install because the game is already on the ps4 and its just not anywhere, Other people seem to have related issues using an external drive but i do not have one so idk what the issue could be im hoping i dont have to initialize any insight would be apreciated also neither sony or bethesda seem to have a fix for my exact issue

  17. T

    My game is glitching. I’m stuck in wall. I tried many time to restart the game but every time I walk in that area it just jumps and than I cant move. The image flashes.

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