overseer office safe combination

Steel Monitor safe

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  1. D

    Most codes are randomly generated, so it is best to know where you can find the code which applies for your specific game 🙂 or you can spend 5 minutes scrolling the 3 digit code till it opens

  2. N

    For me it was 172 to open the safe

  3. T

    573 is not the code. if you can show where the code is located that would be better than the pics u currently have up

    1. it is located in the room to the right of this pic. once picked up you then have to go into your menu and look for missions and you should see 3 tabs click the middle one

    2. G

      Im pretty sure its 526 if you look at the book next to the safe

      1. D
        Dat dude

        Combination is 342

      2. O

        It might be different for everyone but the ideas the same, in the office area you find a book lababled Strictures To Keep You Safe, it’ll have 3 Strictures inside, the book by the safe with have thoes same strictures mixed in with 4 others, find them in order of the note, they’ll have numbers next to them, that’s your code, your welcome btw my code was 742

        1. G

          It is a was working on a a non-lethal play-through which became very tedious so I switched to a lethal play-through and the safe had a completely different combination.

    3. K

      It’s 375. Just follow numberings of 7 strictures. Restless hands, errant mind, rampant hunger. That’s what I found on a. Note