Division 2 Best Starting Perks - Which Perks to Unlock First

Perks are passive skills in The Division 2. They can be unlocked by using SHD points, which are gained each time you level up. You’ll need to talk to the quartermaster at the Base of Operations in order to invest points in perks. Each one has a different effect, and they’ll all help you. Some are better than others, and there’s a handful that are essential in the early game if you want to make the most of it. This guide will give you a list of Division 2 best starting perks.

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division 2 best starting perks
Division 2 Best Starting Perks – Which Perks to Unlock First

Which perks to choose first in Division 2?

As you play through the game, you’ll develop a unique play style. The more time you spend in The Division 2, the better you’ll know which perks you should choose. However, early on, you should grab several specific ones which will speed up your progress, increase the amount of materials and gear you get and such.

Accolades are one such group of perks. There’s five of them, and each one will give you additiona experience points for certain combat behaviour. The first gives bonus XP for headshots, the second for multikills, the third for targeting weak points, the fourth for environmental kills and the fifth for staying alive. Since they’re one SHD point each, they’re well worth investing into as soon as possible.

Then there’s the additional skill slot. Having two skills equipped instead of one will boost your survivability considerably, so we suggest you take this one next. Maybe even first, depending on how much trouble you’re having with the enemies. Deconstruction has two levels, both worth 2 SHD points. The first one increases the amount of materials you get when deconstructing items. The second gives you a chance to get a rare material from the process. Both are nice, but only the first one is essential.

Finally, there’s the field proficiency cache. It also costs 2 SHD tech, and it’ll give you a 50% chance of getting an additional item from every one of these containers. Once you’ve got all of these, you will have optimized the amount of materials and experience you get, which will allow you to focus on stuff that actually helps you play.

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