Division 2 Ubisoft Login Required at Epic Games Store & Launcher

Ubisoft Login Required is an error message people who’ve bought The Division 2 at the Epic Games store are getting. When launching the game for the first time, the pop-up appears, presumably to guide people to the Uplay login screen. However, this often doesn’t happen. Pressing the button just brings back the same message over and over again for a lot of people. This guide will tell you all about the Division 2 Ubisoft login required at Epic Games store error, including possible ways to solve it.

division 2 ubisoft login required epic games store
Division 2 Ubisoft Login Required at Epic Games Store & Launcher

Ubisoft login required error

Ubisoft games bought on third party stores always require a Uplay login in order to run – pretty much everyone is already accustomed to that. This is the first time one such game is being sold on the Epic Games store, and a lot of people who got it there are having trouble accessing it.

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When running it, they get a message saying an Ubisoft login is required. After entering the details and connecting to Uplay, they get sent back to the Epic Games launcher. When starting the game again, the same message is displayed. The cycle goes on as long as people have the patience.

Those experiencing this problem have tried restarting their PCs, using incognito/private mode and even Microsoft Edge (née Internet Explorer) to no avail. It seems like the issue won’t go away on its own, and your safest bet at this point would be to contact Epic’s support. There’s no telling when this problem is going to be solved, but there’s a fair chance it’s system wide and will require some fiddling on the store’s side. If not, the support staff will probably give you instructions on how to get it to work. If that’s the case, we’ll update this page with the relevant info as soon as we have it.

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  1. M

    Has this issue been addressed yet? I’m still having this issue and epic games still has not got back to me on the ticket I put in. I hope I didn’t waste money buying through epic games.

  2. C

    Turn your default browser to Internet Explorer temporarily, and try launching the ‘synch’ again. Worked for me. then change it back to your browser of choice.

  3. Z

    I have found the work around for me!!
    I had the same problem, but i found out that my EPIC games account was created in a different country.
    Use a VPN to setup the correct country, restart EPIC games launcher and it works.

    I hope it works for you guys also.

  4. B

    I did the VPN trick too. I don’t see the “Ubisoft Login Required” anymore. You need to match you public IP to your purchase IP basically. That means if you bought the game in the US, you cannot link your accounts when you’re in another country. I’m pretty sure it’ll be easier to launch the game through Uplay to prevent any more complications.

  5. D

    I’m having same issue the VPN thing didnt work. I tried requesting refund and turns out epic games refund thing is VERY unintuitive. Warning to anyone buying this game just so you don’t get this problem DO NOT BUY THROUGH EPIC GAMES.

  6. F

    What ChrisS mentioned worked. Changing the default browser temporarily to Microsoft Edge and then clicking on the button to link the accounts worked.

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