Division 2 Civic Center SHD Tech Cache Locations

Civic Center SHD Tech Caches in The Division 2 Warlords of New York are loot caches that you can find in the newly-added map. Finding all five SHD Tech Caches goes towards your completion of the area, but they also drop amazing loot that you’re bound to find useful. So, naturally, you’re gonna want to figure out their locations as soon as possible. With that said, we’re going to show you exactly where to find all five SHD Tech Caches in the Civic Center map in our Division 2 Civic Center SHD Tech Cache Locations guide.

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Division 2 Civic Center SHD Tech Cache Locations
Division 2 Civic Center SHD Tech Cache Locations

Where to Find SHD Tech Caches in Civic Center in Division 2 Warlords of New York?

To find the first SHD Tech Cache in the Civic Center map in Division 2 Warlords of New York, you need to look close to the entrance of the Haven safe house. As you exit the perimeter, take the first left turn into the alley. Turn right and climb up the ventilation shafts to reach the SHD Tech crate.

The second Civic Center SHD Tech Cache is in the sewers. Go to the underground entrance straight down the street from the Haven safe house (consult the pics below to see which one I mean). Fight your way through the sewers and look for the door with a blue Notice sign. To unlock this door, you’ll need to kill the Elite enemy stalking the sewers and pick up the Utility Storage key. Return to the door with the blue Notice sign, unlock it, and open the cache. Make sure to mark the cache on your map for easier navigation.

For the third SHD Tech Cache in the Civic Center area, we’re gonna start from the Animal Shelter safe house, since the cache is in the far north of the area. As you enter the area that’s blocked from several sides by garbage bags, look for a small, white truck leaning against some large, black containers (consult the images below to see which one). Climb up on the truck, then onto the container, then up onto the roof of the building. The cache is on the large AC unit.

civic center shd tech cache where to find division 2

SHD Tech Cache #4 in Civic Center is near the previous one. Look for a building with a huge mural of a pink cat and go inside the ruined coffee shop nearby. Go into the room at the far end of the coffee shop and shoot the lock. Open the door, climb up the stairs, and go through the door marked Exit. Look to the right to spot the gated area. Shoot off the lock once more, and go inside to pick up the cache.

The fifth and final SHD Tech Cache in Civic Center is the most complicated. As you walk down Bayard Street, watch out for an alley next to a Chinese restaurant. If you look up to the top of one of the buildings in the alley, you’ll spot a barrel you can shoot, so do just that to drop the rope. Use the rope to rappel up to the roof. Hop over the ventilation stuff and climb down the ladder. Walk onward and cross to the other side, then break down the metal plates to proceed.

Keep going until you reach the fire escape. Climb up it and hop over onto the rooftop. There’s a crate hanging above you that you can shoot to get loot, but that’s not your goal. Instead, follow the yellow cable going from the locked door, and you’ll spot a yellow fuse box that you can shoot. This will unlock the door, so go inside. Continue through this area until you reach the green-painted room with tarps everywhere. The cache is in that room.

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