Division 2 Judge Key - Theo Parnell Mission Secret Room & Key Location

Judge key is an item in the Division 2. It’s part of a mission in the Warlords of New York expansion, and it’s tied to your hunt for Theo Parnell. Once you acquire it, you’ll need to figure out where to find the door it opens, which might be even more difficult than getting the key. If either the hidden room or the key are giving you any trouble, keep reading our Division 2 Judge key – Theo Parnell mission secret room location guide.

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division 2 judge key theo parnell mission secret room location
Division 2 Judge Key – Theo Parnell Mission Secret Room & Key Location

Where to find Judge key?

While pursuing Theo Parnell, you’ll end up in a courthouse, where you’ll have to battle a named enemy called The Judge. After you defeat them, go to the judge’s chambers. It’s accessible through the door on the right side of the courthouse. Follow the corridor past the elevators and enter the room on the left. Go around the desk and inspect the pile of documents on the right. This is where you’ll find the Judge key.

How to use Judge key?

When you get the key, drop down the elevator shaft and head into the lobby. After you’ve cleared it, get behind the information desk and interact with the second computer from the left. It’ll raise the bars on the left side of the lobby, allowing you to vault over the waist-high wall and reach the record storage door. Go through it, and you’ll end up in the secret room with the loot crate.

So the key is basically used to unlock the computer, not the door. It might seem weird, but not as weird as using Dragov’s key to unlock a keypad. It seems like The Division 2 takes place in some kind of alternative future, in which nobody knows how locks and keys actually operate.