Division 2 Cleaners Key Chests Locations

Cleaners key chests are special loot containers in The Division 2. They were added in the Warlords of New York expansion, and can only be found on the new map. To open them, you’ll have to collect keys belonging to a specific New York gang – the Cleaners. Once you have some keys, you’ll also need to find the chests – they’re often well hidden. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Division 2 Cleaners key chests locations.

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division 2 cleaners key chest locations
Division 2 Cleaners Key Chests Locations

Where to find cleaners key chests?

You’ll find the first chest on the border between Battery Park and Civic Center. Look for a low building on a corner, stuck between two high-rises. One of them is adorned with a movie poster, the other has a giant Medusa head graffiti. Climb up to the roof of the low-rise, then follow the path across the stairways and through the alcoves, until you reach another rooftop with an AC vent in the middle of it. The case will be on the vent.

There’s one in the Pathway Park story mission as well. It’s in the part where you’re tracking Kajika. After you get to the area with the escalator and the pond with electric traps and a bunch of blue barrels, look for a sandbag to shoot on the other side of the room. Climb up the rope and you’ll see the case on the bench.

There are also two cleaners chests in the Stranded Tanker mission in Two Bridges. The first one is in the big hole in the hull. You’ll find it after you board the tanker and clear the room in the breaking point. As you’re going towards the exit door, you’ll see a bunch of green barrels on the right. Jump over the obstacle and go behind them, then turn right. The second one is on the top deck. As you climb out, look for a white building with the word “shelter” written on it. Go past it and look for the case in the far right corner.

Another one can be found in the construction site next to the safehouse in the Financial District. Go into the site and follow the right wall to the big yellow generator. Interact with it to drain the water, then go behind the generator to find the crate.

You can find one more on the small pier west of Pier 26, on the waterfront of the Financial District. When you reach the pier, look for the only building in the vicinity. Climb onto its roof and you’ll find the cleaners chest there.

There’s one more in the Financial District. You’ll find it on the roof of a red brick tenement north of the Waterfront control point. Use the ropes next to the scaffolding to get to the roof, then go right and drop down. Turn left and shoot the padlock on the gate under the stairs – the chest will be behind it.

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    There are two more in the assisted care building in the Two Bridges area.. Can’t figure out how to get into building.

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