Division 2 Rikers Chest Locations in Warlords of New York

Rikers Chests in The Division 2 are new loot chests that have been added in the Warlords of New York DLC. The Rikers Chests are hidden all around the map of New York, and each requires a Riker Key to open. Those drop randomly, so we can’t really help with them. What we can do is show you where to find them once you do have a key. With all that said, we’re going to show you where to find all Rikers Chests in Two Bridges, Financial District, Civic Center, and Battery Park in our Division 2 Rikers Chest Locations in Warlords of New York guide.

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Division 2 Rikers Chest Locations in Warlords of New York
Division 2 Rikers Chest Locations in Warlords of New York

NOTE: This guide is under construction. We’ll be adding new Rikers Chest locations as we discover them.

Where to Find Rikers Chests in Division 2 Civic Center?

To find one of the Rikers Chests in Division 2 Civic Center, you’ll have to look in The Tombs, during the Theo Parnell mission (the Locate Theo Parnell part). When you get to the “Reach the security room” step, approach the hospital elevator, but don’t go inside. Instead, if you look to the right of the elevator, you’ll see a yellow fuse box that you can shoot. This will unlock the door near the elevator. Go inside the new room and use the laptop. You’ll see another door swing open right across from the laptop. The Rikers chest is inside that room.

The second Rikers Chest in this area is also in the Theo Parnell mission, just much later. After you complete the “Secure the lobby” step during the “Stop Parnell escaping” part, the next step will be “Pursue Parnell.” Exit the building and climb onto the platform directly to the left. Hop over the railing and continue towards the overturned car. Go into the corner on the left to find the Rikers Chest.

civic center where to find rikers chest locations division 2
Hop over the railing and go left of the overturned car

Civic Center Rikers Chest #3 is in the northeast of the area, near the Control Point called The Gate, in Mott Street. In the middle of Mott Street, there’s a white truck under a railing with a yellow tarp that you can use to get onto the fire escape. Climb up the stairs and hop onto the wooden “bridge.” Cross it to the other building, climb onto the roof, and look for the chest on the left, between some lawn chairs and a stack of plant pots.

Financial District Division 2 Rikers Chest Locations

One of the Rikers Chest locations in the Financial District is on the ground floor of the Celebration Hotel Control Point. It’s more or less in the center of the region. If you look to the left of the reception area, you’ll see a door with “Authorized Personnel Only” sign above it. Go inside and head straight into the vault to find the Rikers Chest.

financial district rikers chest locations division 2
Go into the vault in the Celebration Hotel Control Point

The second Rikers Chest we’ve found in the Financial District is in another Control Point. This time, it’s Waterfront, in the southwest of the region. Go inside the building by climbing the stairs outside to the first floor, and head through the double doors in the center of the building. You’ll find yourself in a waiting area of sorts, and there’s a bunch of loot in there, including the Rikers Chest.

division 2 financial district rikers chests where to find
Go inside the waiting area in Waterfront Control Point

The third Financial District Rikers Chest is at the very border between it and Two Bridges. Click the picture below to see the exact spot where you need to go. When you get there, you’ll see a Most 24 store. Go inside the shop and head to the back. You’ll find the chest next to the soda vending machines.

financial district all rikers chest locations
Look next to the vending machines in Most 24

Two Bridges Rikers Chests Locations – Where to Find?

To find one of the Rikers Chests in Two Bridges, visit the brick building complex in the north of the area, in the section of Henry Street between Oliver Street and Catherine street. At the front of the building, there’s a rope that you can climb to the top of said entrance. The Rikers chest is right there in the corner.

For the second Rikers Chest in this area, head up Frankfort Street from the Brooklyn Bridge Control Point. Keep your eye out on the left to spot the door with the “Business Consultancy” sign. Go inside that building, and through the door on the left. Find the rope in the open elevator and climb up to the first floor. You’ll be in a huge open-concept office with a lot of loot, among which is a Rikers Chest.

where to find two bridges rikers chests
Go inside the Business Consultancy building

Division 2 Battery Park Rikers Chest Locations

In the west of Battery Park, there’s a place where a street called Battery Place intersects itself (see the map for the exact location). There’s a building you can go into on that intersection. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Wines and Liquor sign inside. Head through the store area, all the way to the back, to find a staircase. Head all the way up to find the Rikers Chest in the corner. You can also find one of the Battery Park SHD Tech Caches in this building.

battery park rikers chest locations where to find division 2
Go into the building and head up the stairs

Another Rikers Chest in Battery Park can be found in the Widow’s Web Control Point, in the north of the region. Makes sense, considering that’s technically Riker territory. Anyway, go into Widow’s Web, right through the front door, and look behind the ticket counter to find the chest.

all division 2 rikers chest locations battery park
Look behind the ticket counter in Widow’s Web
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