Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Details Revealed via Leak

New details on the upcoming Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 have leaked on Reddit. The newly-available information includes where the raid will begin, the access point to the raid, the raid trophies, and a list of raid objectives. Based on what has been revealed, the raid is going to be quite the ordeal. Which is exactly the point, one might argue.

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Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Details Revealed via Leak
Division 2 Dark Hours Raid Details Revealed via Leak

Who says that Division agents only do their work in-game? Thanks to one dedicated player, the whole community has found out more about the upcoming eight-player raid in The Division 2, called Dark Hours. What we found out is that the location of the raid will be Ronald Reagan Airport, while the destination will be Arlington Island, and the Access Point for the raid on the map will be Arlington Memorial Bridge.

Also included in the leak is the list of Raid objectives; although, in no particular order. Here it is, verbatim:

  • Survive the assault on the bridge
  • Find the stolen GPS coordinates
  • Protect the named agent on your team
  • Confirm the kill of 2nd hand Lieutenant
  • Rendezvous with your team
  • Survive the blackout attack
  • Find the activation code
  • Extract your team to safety
  • Split teams and flank the target
  • Stop the convoy from leaving the runway
  • Takeout bombarders from high ground

And, of course, where would we be without Raid Trophies? According to the leak, four trophies will be tied to the Dark Hours Raid; three of them Gold, and one Silver. One of them is particularly eye-catching, considering it makes mention of Hunters. Let’s list them, shall we?

  • Relentless – Make it through the bridge in one hour or less (Gold)
  • Extreme Measures – Have your most kills with Signature Weapons (Gold)
  • Reminder of Me – Kill any of the Hunters who killed you before (Gold)
  • Gone Baby Gone – Flee from Interceptors in less than two minutes (Silver)

Now, of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention the enterprising individual that revealed all of this info to the public. So, all our props and thanks go to Reddit user kevindavid40 for his exemplary agent work. Incidentally, if you’re having trouble with the game, allow me to plug our list of Division 2 guides here, which includes articles like How to Get Clan War Trophy and Liberty Exotic Pistol – Trigger & Mechanism, D50 Level 1.

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