Division 2 Liberty Exotic Pistol - Trigger & Mechanism, D50 Level 1

Liberty is an exotic pistol in The Division 2. You can craft it at a certain point, after you’ve completed a quest that rewards you with Kendra’s blueprint and materials required for it. The quest starts when you get an item called Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism, and it’ll have you running across the entire map before it’s over. If you’re having trouble getting any of the components, including the D50 Level 1, our Division 2 Kendra’s Liberty exotic pistol guide will help you.

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division 2 liberty exotic pistol
Division 2 Liberty Exotic Pistol – Trigger & Mechanism, D50 Level 1

What to do with Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism?

While you’re raiding the Capitol Building stronghold (level 30), you’ll get to fight a boss called captain Kendra Nelson. When you kill her, you’ll get the Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism. This is the first part you need for the Liberty exotic weapon. In order to get the rest of the parts, as well as the blueprint, you’ll have to complete three specific missions on hard difficulty and kill three specific bosses in them:

1. American History Museum: captain Briggs will drop Pistol: Receiver & Paintjob.
2. Viewpoint Museum: staff sergeant Carl Wade will drop Pistol: Sight & Rail.
3. Space Administration HQ: master sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz will drop Pistol: Grip & Tags, as well as Kendra’s Liberty Blueprint.

Once you’ve got them all, you’ll need to acquire a D50 Level 1 high-end pistol as well. Bring all the parts to a crafting bench and you’ll be able to craft the Liberty exotic pistol. It comes with three random talents, so there’s no telling what you’ll get. If you upgrade the bench beforehand, the resulting weapon will have a higher gear score.

Where to find D50 Level 1?

The D50 level 1 high-end pistol is a random drop. If you don’t have it, you’ll just have to grind away until you do. Keep in mind that you can’t use the D50 Survivalist for this blueprint – the one you get from investing in your survival skills.



  1. S

    Can confirm all the components also drop on normal – doesn’t have to be hard or challenging. Got the Receiver & Paintjob and Sight & Rail by doing the mission solo on normal.

    1. F

      This is not true just wasted a lot of time on a normal solo mission and it didn’t drop. Fuck you.

      1. R

        I just did it on story difficulty. It dropped.

      2. I
        Ian Murphy

        I did them all on normal and got the required parts first run of each.

      3. B

        It’s a random drop, don’t have to be insulting because you don’t have the luck or skill to get it.

      4. G

        I can honestly tell you swear to God even though some ppl dont like that I ran American history museum on STORY and got the reciever and paint job didnt know what it is so that’s why I’m here…

  2. J

    I got all the parts and a D50 450 ilvl pistol but I can’t make the exotic piece

    1. O

      Same IDK what I’m doing wrong

    2. C

      Do you have the Blueprint?

    3. C
      Christopher King

      D50 must be T1 Gold … item level doesn’t seem to matter.

  3. C

    Remember it CANNOT be equipped when you craft it

  4. B

    I have been grinding for almost a month to get the D50 and I just got both a D50 AND the Liberty from a random drop after a dealing with an Elite patrol.

  5. A
    Allan Blount

    I can not get the Pistol Trigger & Mechanism to drop, I have ran the Capitol Building Stronghold on Story, Normal, and Hard so many times. Where am I going wrong?

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