Division 2 Dark Zone Chest Locations - DZ East Weekly Project

Dark Zone Chests in Division 2 are crates you can find in DZ East, and it is one of the Division 2 weekly project challenges. The Division 2 DZ East chests are strewn all across the map; some are better hidden than others. Completing the weekly project requires five Dark Zone chests, but we’ll add a couple extra. So, here’s our Division 2 Dark Zone Chest Locations – DZ East Weekly Project guide to show you where to find the DZ East chests in order to complete the weekly project.

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Division 2 Dark Zone Chest Locations - DZ East Weekly Project
Division 2 Dark Zone Chest Locations – DZ East Weekly Project

Dark Zone East Chest Locations

To find chests in Dark Zone East for the Division 2 weekly project, there are many locations that you can look up. However, five will do for completing the project. So, the first one that we’ve come across is in a pond between Louisiana Ave NW, Delaware Ave NE, south of D St NW. There’s a bridge across the pond; look under the eastern guard tower to find the chest.

From there, go south, towards the ruined helicopter. Walk around the downed chopper, and you’ll find a huge chunk of street that has collapsed. Go down underground, and you’ll find another chest next to a Hummer, behind an overturned, yellow dumpster.

The third chest location we came across was to the east of the Safe House, near the corner of Louisiana Ave NE and North Capitol St NW. Go inside the compound full of crates, and hang a left immediately. Keep an eye on the right, and as soon as an opening appears, hop across it. Look to the left, and you’ll find the crate among a gaggle of other, much larger black crates.

Exit the above-mentioned compound the way you came in. Turn right, and keep an eye out on the left. As you come across a black semi, you’ll see an entrance into another compound on the left, across the street. Inside, you’ll come across a huge, white awning (or is it a tent?), under which there are tons of all kinds of supplies. The chest is among them, and it’s not hard to spot.

From the Safe House, head down E St NE to the northeast. Keep your eye on the left, until you come across some kind of chemical plant. Look out for the sign warning about a heavy chemical usage area. Go into that area, and enter through the hole on the left. Climb up the stairs on the left, and there’s the DZ East chest.

The next chest we’ve found is in the northwest corner of the Dark Zone East, in a building between 2nd St NW and 3rd St NW. Look at the map below for the exact location. Walk into the construction site past the military truck, and hang a right. Look for an entrance on the left, and go inside the building. Walk down the stairs, and you’ll see a chest next to a lift. It’s a little convoluted, but not too hard.

The last Dark Zone East chest we’re going to mention for now can be accessed from New Jersey Ave NW, from the far northwest of DZ East. Again, take a look at the map. Look west, and you’ll see a gated entrance into a park. Go inside the park through the gate on the right, and look to the right immediately to spot the chest.

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