Division 2 Hunter Locations - Hidden Bosses

Hunters are secret bosses in The Division 2. They’re extremely tough, around level 35, and generally a pain to deal with. To top it off, you have to summon them before you can fight, which means following a series of clues. They drop unique masks and sometimes ivory keys. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you all Division 2 hunter locations, to help you collect the masks and keys.

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division 2 hunter locations secret bosses
Division 2 Hunter Locations – Hidden & Secret Bosses

Where to find hunter secret bosses?

One of them appears at the National Mall park. You can find the clues for his location in the sewers near Lincoln Memorial. They’ll point you towards a rickety construction in the middle of the reflecting pool at the park. If you go there at night, you’ll see a single light bulb flickering on the upper floor. Shoot it, and the hunter will appear.

There’s a trio of hunters in the small park north of East Mall. Go into the Pavillion cafe and approach the counter. You should see a green coffee machine on it. There’s a level on the side of the counter, next to it. Pull it, then go down the stairs to the big Christmas tree. The hunters will appear shortly afterwards.

There’s also one at the National Portrait Gallery, northeast from Theater. Once you go inside, head to the atrium. Go into the lobby on the south side of the courtyard. Approach the counter and look for an object to interact with. Head back into the courtyard, and then go into the room on the north side. The counter there will have another telephone you can interact with. Once you go back to the atrium, the hunter will appear with a puff of smoke.

One can be found in a building between the White House and Theater, the one with the territory control event. Use the metro corridors, and once you’re in the building, climb the stairs and go to the grass platform next to them. Shoot the targets in the windows across the hall, from highest to lowest, and he will appear.

Then there’s one at the monument southwest of Capitol Hill. Go there during the night and stand in front of the monument, near the flag. Keep using the salute emote until the hunter shows up.

Two hunters can be found at the Potomac Event Center, on the western edge of the map. Jump into the pool on the right and use the jumping jack emote to summon them.

Two more are hiding out near the Washington Monument, in the West Potomac Park area. Wait for night to fall, then go under the monument and down the elevator shaft. Use the terminal to see the three locations you need to visit. They’re graves – use the salute emote at each, then return to the terminal. If there’s a ring on the screen, you’ve done it. The hunters will spawn at random places around the monument, and you’ll need to track them down. Your UI will flicker when you’re near one.