Division 2 DDP-52 Razorback Fourth Raid Boss - Operation Dark Hours

DDP-52 Razorback is the final boss of Operation Dark Hours, The Division 2’s first raid. It’s basically a big truck, one that’s guarded by goons, drones and rockets. It’s an easy fight when you know what to do, however, it might take you hours to figure it out without help. If you’re looking to cut down on the trial and error part, our Division 2 DDP-52 Razorback raid boss guide will show you everything you need to know.

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division 2 ddp-52 razorback final raid boss
Division 2 DDP-52 Razorback Fourth Raid Boss – Operation Dark Hours

How to destroy DDP-52 Razorback?

When you first arrive in the arena, you’ll notice the big black truck surrounded by four generators. Each of these is a control point. Further on out, you’ll see four missile launchers. From time to time, an elite enemy will run for the missile launchers and try to wipe you. You’ll hear a horn when that happens – eliminate him before he can punch in the code.

When you’ve eliminated the first elite, stand next to the generators to power them up. Once they’re all at 100%, the truck will open up. Stay inside them and shoot the vents at the front and back. When the vents are gone, chuck a grenade into each.

This will make a panel rise up from the top of the truck. There will be two weak spots on the back of it. Shoot them, but watch out for the drones. You can use the EMP blast to kill them quickly. When you’ve destroyed the two weak spots, a third will appear above them. Shooting that one will lower the boss’ health.

After a while, the panel will retract and you’ll have to do it all over again. When you’ve whittled down the truck’s health to zero, you’ll have to quickly run around the arena and destroy panels on the missile launchers in numeric order (1,2,3,4).