Division 2 Dark Hours Apparel Event - All Outfits & Masks

Along with the new raid, The Division 2 was also expanded with a limited time event. It’s called the Dark Hours apparel event, and taking part in it will reward you with unique clothing items and masks. If you’re wondering what they look like and whether it’s worth the hassle, keep reading our Division 2 Dark Hours apparel event guide.

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division 2 dark hours apparel event oufits masks
Dark Hours Apparel Event – All Outfits & Masks

Dark Hours Masks & Outfits

You can see all the outfits and masks in the image above, which was carefully put together by u/Mateba6. The event works like all the other apparel events before it – special crates can be opened using special keys, which you obtain by working on projects related to the event. There are five full outfits you can get from the crates – Security Expert, Expedition Leader, Field Technician, Pathfinder and Rescue Specialist – and the Ballistic Mask.

Once you’ve collected all five sets, you’ll unlock the Field Respiratory Mask. The only way to get the Offsite Activities Uniform is by collecting each and every piece of clothing from this event.

And that’s pretty much it. If you’re interested in any of these outfits, you know what to do. If none of these seem like they’re worth the effort, thankfully, there are other things you could do.

The Operation Dark Hours raid has only just been released, which means you could try tackling that. It’s a pretty tough nut, especially if you don’t have a well-versed crew. Boomer, the first boss, is pretty much where every team filled with random players got stuck. To make matters worse, the first boss is definitely the hardest. If you manage to beat him, you’ll no doubt have no trouble with Weasel, Lucy & Buddy or the DDP-52 Razorback. If you manage to beat them all, you’ll end up with a nice pile of rewards.

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