Division 2 How to Change Hairstyle, Tattoo, Face Paint - Appearance Customization

Changing your hairstyle, tattoos & face paint is still possible in The Division 2, even after character creation. There’s a dedicated barber and tattoo artist you can talk to, and he’ll fix you up. However, you’ll first have to find him. If you’re wondering how to change hairstyle & tattoos in Division 2, this guide will tell you all you need to know about character customization post creation.

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division 2 how to change hairstyle tattoo
Division 2 How to Change Hairstyle & Tattoo – Appearance Customization

How to change hair, facepaint & tattoo after character creation?

In order to change hair and add tattoos after character creation, you’ll need to speak to Joshua Summers. However, he only appears after a certain point in the main story, when you’re around level 14. Once he appears in the Base of Operations, you’ll find him next to the guy who unlocks the shooting range. He’s a balding guy with thick rimmed glasses. Talk to him, and you’ll be able to change the look of your hair, beard, scars, face paint and any tattoos you might have.

Character customization post creation

A lot of people change their minds about what they want their character to look like. Sadly, there’s no way to change most of the choices you’ve made during character creation. You will not be allowed to change the gender, skin tone, eye color or facial features. The only stuff you can change are the hair color and style, facial hair, face paint, scars and tattoos.

This means you should be very careful when creating your agent. The only way to make drastic changes is to create a new one, and that means loosing all your progress – completed missions, obtained items, everything. The developers might realize how this upsets people and add in the option to have, say, plastic surgery, or change your gender at a later point, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. As things are now, almost all decisions are final.

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