Division 2 Secret Room Location - Viewpoint Museum Mission

There is a secret room in the Viewpoint Museum mission in The Division 2. If you manage to enter it, you’ll find a loot crate with some nice gear inside. However, the door is locked and the key is nowhere to be found. If you’ve been banging your head against the wall on this one, our Division 2 secret room location Viewpoint museum mission guide will help you.

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division 2 secret room location viewpoint museum mission
Division 2 Secret Room Location – Viewpoint Museum Mission

How to open Viewpoint museum secret room?

You’ll find the secret room near the underground entrance. As you travel the tunnels, you’ll end up in a small room between two corridors. It has a locked door with a notice on it, and a yellow generator.

There’s no key to this lock. Instead, you need to go into the next room – the one with the big globe in the middle of it. As you enter, you’ll find yourself in the gallery. Head to the right, and after you pass the double door and meeting point box, you should inspect the wall. You’ll see a hole the size of a vent, with cables running through it. Aim down sights, through the hole, and you’ll see several boxes on the other side. Shoot the yellow one several times and it’ll explode. This will unlock the door to the secret room.

Go back the way you came, and after you pass the first exit sign, the door on your left will now be unlocked. As soon as you open it, you’ll see the large loot container on the floor. The loot inside is randomised, of course, but we managed to get some pretty nice stuff from these secret rooms. Once it was a green rifle, another time it was an apparel item. It doesn’t hurt to check it out – every roll is a chance to get something good.


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