Division 2 How to Get Armor Kits in the Field

Armor kits are items you can use to repair your armor in The Division 2. They’re extremely useful, as they allow you to survive the dangers of the world for a bit longer. You’ll restock your supply of medkits every time you visit the Base of Operations, but a lot of people are wondering where to find them outside the BoO. This guide will show you how to get armor kits in the field in Division 2, so you can patch yourself up.

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division 2 how to get armor kits in the field
Division 2 How to Get Armor Kits in the Field

Where to find armor kits?

There are three main ways of getting armor kits in the field. The first is the most obvious, and the least reliable – armor kits can sometimes drop as loot from enemies. You can’t really rely on this one, as it’s pretty sporadic, but it is an option.

There are dozens of boxes around the map that always contain armor kits. They look like refill boxes, except they’re white with a red cross. These are few and far between, but are guaranteed to give you a medkit. As you play more and more, you’ll learn where to expect them in the areas you frequent the most, which will help you immensely.

Finally, the most reliable way is tied to a perk. It’s called Restock 1: Armor Kits – it’s the third one from the left in the top row. When you unlock it, your stock of armor kits will refill each time you enter a safe space. You’ll unlock more of these as you progress through the main story missions, which practically means you’ll have healing stations all around the city.

As we get deeper into the game, we might discover some more ways to replenish your armor kits. If we do, we’ll be sure to update the guide.

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