Division 2 Group Scaling - How Do Parties Scale

Group scaling in The Division 2 allows players of different levels to play together without anyone suffering. It makes it so that high and low level players can form parties without it either being too hard or too easy for anyone. A lot of people have been wondering how exactly it works, which is what we’ll explain in our Division 2 group scaling guide.

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division 2 group scaling how parties scale
Division 2 Group Scaling – How Do Parties Scale

How groups scale in Division 2

Groups are normalized in the Division 2. This means that when you join a party with someone that’s a higher level than you, the game will recalculate your stats so that you’re closer to each other. As far as we’ve seen, it scales lower level players up to higher level ones – the same goes for enemies. In practice, this means every group will be as efficient as its strongest member, and nobody will lag behind the rest of the crew on account of their level.

On the other hand, the loot and other rewards will drop at appropriate levels for everyone. This means nobody will get weapons that are too strong or too weak for their current level, even though the party is normalized. It’s the best of both worlds – you get a normalized experience where no player feels out of place, and the items you receive are still useful to you after the group has been disbanded. That’s all there is to it.

If you’re having any other issues with the game, you should check out the rest of our guides. We’ve written about the most common errors in problems in Division 2, where to find preorder bonus items if you’ve bought the gold or ultimate edition, and how to get armor kits in the field. We’re going to keep playing and writing, so check back whenever you have a problem.

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  1. K
    Kenji Takabayashi

    This seems to be broken as hell right now. Last night I grouped up with my buddy that had early access (level 13 to my 5) it said I leveled up – enemies in free roam and within various world events one shot me DEAD from far away.

    I mean your standard red bar dudes. My friend was also getting waxed super easily. Prior to joining his game instance I had died once, being too frisky with cover against net a named boss over 6 hours of play. We disbanded imand it was fine…

  2. M

    ROFL. Guess it’s not working as intended. I tried to play with my buddy yesterday and kept getting 2-shot by everything in the game

  3. K

    The scaling is definitely not working as intended. 3 shots will kill you from a red guy. One mele will kill you. 15 shotgun blasts to the face barely do anything to enemies

  4. J

    From what I can tell it’s scaling your damage output (maybe) but not scaling your armour or maybe not scaling your health.

    End result, the scaling might be useful for 2-3 levels apart, but sadly useless otherwise.
    I really hope this is seen as a bug and not how it’s meant to work and it gets patched soon.

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