Division 2 How to Open Laboratory Door in Recover DC-62 Research

Find the Laboratory is a step in the Recover the DC-62 Research mission in The Division 2. During this step of the Division 2 Recover DC-62 Research mission, you have to open the laboratory door. This might end up more difficult than you’d think. There’s no obvious button or anything to open the door, and the game doesn’t give you a hint about how to enter the lab. If this has been bamboozling you, too, then here’s our Division 2 How to Open Laboratory Door in Recover DC-62 Research guide to help you out.

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Division 2 How to Open Laboratory Door in Recover DC-62 Research
Division 2 How to Open Laboratory Door in Recover DC-62 Research

How to Enter Lab in Find the Laboratory Step of Division 2 Recover DC-64 Research Mission?

To enter the lab in the Recover DC-64 Research mission, during the Find the Laboratory step, you have to shoot the breaker box at the side of the door. The game at no point gives you a hint that you’re supposed to do that. That said, you might have picked up that the game requires you to shoot certain things along the way. For example, padlocks and other stuff. But, you might not think of shooting the breaker box.

So, once more for the cheap seats in the back. As you make your way to the lab, just follow the mission marker. That part is easy. Then, you’ll enter the basement level, right at the door of the laboratory. The door is locked, and there seems to be nothing you can do about it. There are no buttons or computers or anything of the like. However, just to the left of the door, there’s a large breaker box. Take aim and shoot it. The light above the door should turn green, and the door will open. Proceed with your mission.

And that’s how you open the lab in the Recover DC-62 Research mission in Division 2. In case you need further help, head over to our list of Division 2 guides. Among other guides, we’ve got How to Change & Apply Backpack Skin, How to Level Up Fast & Farm EXP, and How to Start Pump in Activate Water Source Mission.

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