Division 2 When Can you Create a Clan - How to Recruit Grace Larson

Clans in The Division 2 can be said to be the crux of the multiplayer. They allow you to team up with people you want to play with, as well as express some sort of allegiance. The questions people have been asking is how to unlock clan creation in Division 2, as well as when do Division 2 clans unlock. This is because clans aren’t immediately available to you; you’ll have to push through the main story for a bit until you can recruit Grace Larson. Not too far, fortunately. All that said, here’s our Division 2 When Can you Create a Clan – How to Recruit Grace Larson guide to show you when Division 2 clans unlock, how to recruit Grace and unlock the option to create clans, etc.

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Division 2 When Can you Create a Clan
Division 2 When Can you Create a Clan

When Can I Create Clans in The Division 2 – How to Unlock?

To get the ability to create clans in The Division 2, you have to push far enough into the story in order to unlock an NPC in the Theater Settlement; namely, Grace Larson. Luckily for you, that’s only a few missions in. Here’s the sequence. First, you have to do the first mission, obviously. This will unlock the Theater Settlement in Downtown East. Complete the main mission given to you there, aka the Grand Washington Hotel, also in Downtown East. There’s a little more cleanup to do there, like unlocking the Safe House in the area.

How Do You Recruit Grace Larson – Create and Join Clan

Next up, you’ll have to complete the Jefferson Trade Center main mission, in the Federal Triangle area. After that, pay a visit to the White House and have a chat with the coordinator. The following step is to do the mission called ViewPoint Museum, of in the east corner of the Federal Triangle. Once you have that under your belt, go back to the Theater Settlement. This will unlock the Clan Service lady, aka recruit Grace Larson. Now, you’ll be able to create clans. In order to make one, you’ll have to go back to the White House; the east wing, to be exact, and speak with Grace there. You’ll get an icon on the map to guide you, so I doubt you’ll get lost.

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