Division 2 How to Replay Invaded Stronghold Mission

Invaded stronghold missions are part of the endgame content in The Division 2. They’re like regular strongholds, only more difficult. There’s only one available each week, and they rotate. However, when you beat it for the first time, you might find yourself unabel to restart it, which sucks, because the loot you get from them is pretty nice. This guide will show you how to replay invaded stronghold missions in Division 2.

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division 2 how to replay invaded stronghold mission
Division 2 How to Replay Invaded Stronghold Mission

How to replay mission on invasion?

If you’re wondering why people even bother doing this, the answer lies in the latest update. Since it went live, invaded missions became a source of Nemesis exotic weapon parts and various new gear sets. With that out of the way, onto the method.

Open up the map and select this week’s invaded mission. Hold the button that opens up the difficulty settings (G on PC). Make sure you don’t just press it, since that’ll do something other than what you wanted. Once the difficulty menu is up, hold the same button again to toggle invasion.

If you want to make sure you’ve toggled the invasion on and not off, there are certain things you should look for. The map icon will be red, instead of blue. The lowest difficulty setting will be normal, instead of story. The highest will be heroic, and not challenging. The rewards will change – you’ll get a lot more XP, and the boss names will change. Finally, the description of the mission will mention the Black Tusk.

You can replay it as many times as you like, even if you’re not hunting for the specific drops offered inside. The experience gain from the invaded kind is much greater than in the regular ones, and the new highest difficulty setting makes things even more lucrative.

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  1. T

    This does not work!

  2. J

    No doest work at all i did everything u said

  3. B

    If this doesnt work for you on a specific mission then it may be due to the fact that there are weekly refreshes on these invaded missions only making certain one playable.
    So if you’re hunting these parts down but didnt get last weeks parts then sorry friend you gotta wait a week.

  4. N
    Nicholas Adamek

    I looked at ten topics and they all said you couldn’t replay the invasions after you did them to get tidal basin unlocked a second time (for the first piece of the gun). Thankfully it turns out this isnt true. Pull up the map. Hover over the invaded stronghold and hold G. This brings up the difficulty selection (which is where I thought I was hosed). Then hold G again and it toggles the invasion status back to “invaded”. Now you can go back through and grab that part which was previously unavailable (Capitol Building Stronghold in my case). I still have to wait two more weeks to unlock the other two strongholds, but at least I don’t have to wait three.

  5. G

    You can only set missions and strongholds that are currently in an “invaded” state. So for example, Capital and Tidal week, you wouldn’t be able to re-do the hotel mission on invaded until it’s cycle comes around. So, on launch day of the weapon Nemesis, any person who did NOT re-do Capital Stronghold the release week of Tidal Basin AFTER finding the secret room and dismantling the named sniper you will not be able to get the weapon for another month at least since you can not get the blueprint from Tuck unless you already have all 4 of the parts.

    Easy fix for them to stop the anger is to not make the drop of the schematic dependent on having all 4 pieces first.

  6. S

    Works like a charm!! thanks!!

  7. D

    Hold to change difficulty, then hold again at the difficulty select screen. Hope this helps!

  8. K

    Thanks! I didn’t know this! People that doesn’t get this to work should check the other strongholds, you can’t restart any invaded mission/stronghold it has to be the ones available that week.

  9. L

    I would like to do the reverse and change the capital building from invaded stronghold to normal, for the field research. This mission is linked to 3 other missions which you have to do so you can play invaded capital. Using the above method i can change the 3 missions to normal but not the capital building. Could someone please tell me what i am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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