Division 2 How to Start Operation Dark Hours Raid

Operation Dark Hours is the first raid in The Division 2. It was added to the game on May 16th, and it’s an eight player activity with no matchmaking. You can play either with friends, or random people you meet in social spaces, but that’s about it. However, before you can do either of those, you’ll have to unlock the raid. If you’re wondering how exactly you can do that, keep reading this guide – it will show you how to start Operation Dark Hours raid in Division 2.

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division 2 how to start operation dark hours raid
How to Start Operation Dark Hours Raid

How to start raid in Division 2?

The matter is quite simple really. After the starting time has passed – which is on May 16th at 12PM EST / 6 PM CEST / 2 AM ACT / 1AM KST – you’ll have to boot up the game and go to the Base of Operations. Once you’re there, talk to the helicopter pilot. They’ll explain the whole backstory of the event and finally give you the keys.

When you’ve taken that off the to-do list, a raid tab will appear in the social menu. That’s where you need to go to create a group for the raid. The raid team will consist of two four-person squads which will function just like normal squads do.

The raid is balanced for that formation, and will not allow you to start without the whole team. However, if anyone drops out after you’ve started, the game won’t accomodate – the difficulty will still be set for an eight-person team. Because of that, it’s best to play either with actual friends, or at least clan mates. Random players you run into in the social space should be your last line of defence.

And keep watching this space – we’re going to be writing a comperhensive guide for the Operation Dark Hours raid, as the world’s first teams progress through the areas, puzzles and bosses.