Division 2 How to Switch Ammo Types

Special ammo in The Division 2 includes stuff like incendiary and explosive bullets. They’re relatively rare, but they’re more powerful than regular ammo – some do area of effect damage, others can light enemies on fire and make them take damage over time. You’ll find caches of special ammo while roaming the game’s world, and as soon as you pick it up, it’ll be equipped. A number of players are asking how to switch ammo types in Division 2, in order to save the special bullets for a special occasion. This guide explores whether that is possible, and how to do it if it is.

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division 2 how to switch ammo types
Division 2 How to Switch Ammo Types

Can you switch ammo types in The Division 2?

The short answer is: no. Once you pick up a case of special ammo, you won’t be able to switch it out and save it for later. You’ll have to use it up before you can go back to regular bullets.

The first game allowed players to stockpile special ammo and use it whenever they pleased, but that option has been axed. It seems players didn’t use it, or the other items that were accessible through the consumables menu. The last thing you want to do in the heat of battle is fiddlewith a menu in order to eat a candy bar or swap magazines. The developers must’ve decided to remove the option altogether and place special ammo boxes before encounters that warant its use.

In other words, when you find some explosive bullets, you should expect to run into a sizeable group of enemies in the near future. Don’t shy away from using them – they were put there for a reason. Hopefully they don’t make the different types of ammunition too rare, as they are pretty fun to use, and useful to boot.

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