Fallout 76 Getting Brewing & Distilling Crafting Systems

Bethesda has announced a new brewing and distilling crafting system for Fallout 76, coming on March 12th. It’ll unlock during the Wasted on Nukashine quest line that will unlock at the time. After you do, you’ll be able to craft wines, beers, spirits, and mixed drinks. They will offer different buffs and de-buffs. Some drinks, like wines and spirits, will require extra fermentation for even more effects.

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Fallout 76 Getting Brewing & Distilling Crafting Systems
Fallout 76 Getting Brewing & Distilling Crafting Systems

The whole thing begins with a special quest, Wasted on Nukashine, that will be added to the game. Apparently, the quest will start in the vicinity of Vault-Tec University. According to the announcement, you “will relive the glory days of VTU’s finest and discover the mischief they got up to outside of the classroom.” As you move through the quest, you’ll eventually meet Biv, who is, apparently, “Appalachia’s tipsiest robot.” He’s going to teach you how to make Nukashine on the Brewing Station. Just what the game needed; the ability to get sloshed. I mean, that could explain some of the glitches or server troubles in-game – it’s actually just you blacking out.

The Brewing Station is basically a version of the workbench, which will allow you to make, beer, wine, spirits, and mixed drinks. These will give you certain buffs, but also penalties later on, when you wake up with a hangover. Some drinks, like wine and spirits, actually get more potent the more they ferment. Luckily for you, you’ll also learn how to craft the Fermenter during the aforementioned quest. You can then make it in your C.A.M.P. and it will reduce the time needed for your drinks to mature. Let’s see what some of the drinks do, as laid out in the announcement.

Firecracker whiskey, for example, is a spirit that becomes more powerful as it matures. The Fresh Effect is that every melee strike activates self-immolation, dealing fire damage to both you and the enemies. The Vintage Effect adds setting enemies ablaze both with melee and ballistic attacks. Beers do require some fermentation, but are best served fresh, and don’t have a vintage effect. Hoppy Hunter’s effect, for example, is that it increases scope stability and damage against animals, but lowers VATS accuracy.Tick Blood Tequila Sunrise, a mixed drink that doesn’t require fermentation, has a chance to either fill your hunger meter or inflict the disease effect on you with every successful melee attack. Fun!

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