Division 2 How To Unlock Dark Zone

Dark Zones are PvP areas in The Division 2. They’re placed that have succumbed to complete lawlessness – this is where you’ll do most of your player killing, deception and betrayal. There are three of them in various parts of the map, and the first one you’ll get to visit is Dark Zone East, which is on the eastern edge of the map. During the beta, a lot of players wondered how to unlock Dark Zone in Division 2, which is what we’re going to show you in this guide.

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division 2 how to unlock dark zone
Division 2 How To Unlock Dark Zone

How to access Dark Zone in Division 2?

The first assumption was that unlocking the first Dark Zone is tied to the character’s level. However, this turned out to be false. During the two betas, access to Dark Zone East was granted after completing the Jefferson Trade Center mission. We assume this is going to hold true in the final version of the game as well. You should be around level 5 at that point, but it doesn’t really matter. Even if you’ve over-leveled by doing side stuff, or fallen behind the curve by focusing solely on main missions, you’ll still get the keys to the PvP area as part of your story progression.

Keep in mind that once you enter DZ, all bets are off. Anyone could turn out to be an enemy. If you’ve played the first game – the same rules apply. Be wary of strangers, keep a close eye on everything during the extraction of contaminated gear and never fully trust anyone. It’s a harsh world out there in the Dark Zone, and everyone’s looking to make a quick buck.

That isn’t to say you won’t stumble upon trustworthy characters past the treshold. You just shouldn’t assume anyone is until they’ve proven it. Stay alert, is what I’m saying.

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