Division 2 How to Unlock SHD Tech Cache Near Washington Monument

SHD Tech Caches in Division 2 are necessary to collect for getting perk / skill points, and one of them is located in West Potomac Park, near the Washington Monument. The trick with this particular Division 2 SHD Tech Cache is that it’s behind a locked door, which has a padlock on the other side. It can be tricky to figure out how to unlock the door and reach the prize beyond. That being the case, welcome to our Division 2 How to Unlock SHD Tech Cache Near Washington Monument, in which we will show you exaclty where to find and how to get that pesky cache.

Division 2 How to Get SHD Tech Cache Near Washington Monument
Division 2 How to Unlock SHD Tech Cache Near Washington Monument

How to Get SHD Tech Cache in West Potomac Park in Division 2?

To get the Division 2 SHD Tech Cache in the northeast corner in West Potomac Park, near the Washington Monument, you’ll have to shoot out a lock preventing you from reaching it. The SHD cache in question is near the center of the skid row-looking area, full of RVs and houses made of palettes and plastic sheets. There’s no way to reach the cache by simply climbing across the surrounding objects; the barbed wire and other barriers will take care of that.

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So, what you have to do is to go to the south of the skid row area. Find the watchtower there; you’ll recognize it pretty easily, since it’s draped with an American flag. Then, look to the north. Basically, follow the yellow ropes above you with your gaze. You should spot a gray door below the ropes. Zoom in, and shoot the yellow padlock keeping the door closed. Alternatively, you can simply clamber up the debris near the door, and shoot the padlock from a smaller distance; your choice.

Once you shoot the lock off, all that’s left is to go around where you can access the door. You’ll have to clamber up some of the debris to reach it. Head through, and climb up the stairs on the left. That’s where the SHD cache is, as well as some other goodies you should pick up.

That’s how you reach that pesky Division 2 SHD tech cache near the Washington Monument, in West Potomac Park. If you need assistance with anything else, check out our ever-expanding list of other Division 2 guide, including How to Accept Request for Backup – Friend in Need Trophy and Snitch Locations – Jared Nash – Secret Vendor Cassie Mendoza.

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