Division 2 How to Upgrade Lullaby Exotic Shotgun

Lullaby is the preorder bonus shotgun in The Division 2. It’s a neat little weapon you can use during your early days in the game, but as you level up, it’ll soon become useless. Thankfully, there’s a way to upgrade it later on, so that it stays relevant even after you’ve progressed. A lot of players are already wondering how to do it, as it isn’t clearly explained in the game. This guide will show you how to upgrade Lullaby exotic shotgun in Division 2.

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division 2 how to upgrade lullaby exotic shotgun
Division 2 How to Upgrade Lullaby Exotic Shotgun

How to upgrade weapons in Division 2

You won’t be able to upgrade weapons until you’ve reached level 30. That’s when gear score comes into play – a system of leveling up after you’ve reached the level cap. It’s similar to how power levels work in Destiny 2. Once you hit level 30, you start increasing your gear score instead of your levels.

In order to upgrade a weapon, you’ll need a certain gear score and the appropriate components. So in order to upgrade the Lullaby and use it again after the early days, you’ll basically have to wait until you reach the endgame. Check the crafting station in the Base of Operations to see how many components you’ll need, and which kind.

Sweet Dreams Score 250

What’s confusing for a lot of people is the item you get from the preorder called Lullaby upgrade – exotic. That actually has nothing to do with upgrading the Lullaby. Instead, it’s a skin for another weapon – if you look closely at the description, you’ll see that applying this item to the Sweet Dreams shotgun will make it look like the Lullaby. In order to apply the Lullaby skin to it, you’ll need to have Sweet Dreams Score 250, which means using it a whole lot.

We haven’t seen it yet, but we presume Sweet Dreams is similar to the Lullaby stat-wise, which would make this another way to upgrade the Lullaby preorder shotgun.



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    This article isn’t explain more than the game itself.

  2. A

    Where’s the advice on how to upgrade weapons? “You’ll basically have to wait until you reach the endgame.” What then?

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    Roberto Morgan

    Okay so my question is how do I upgrade the lullaby after this recent september/October update. Before I needed just sweet dreams and some items like steel or polycarbonate or titanium… But not it says I need a 250 gear score lullaby to upgrade my lullaby. I have the sweet dreams shotgun but I can’t use it to upgrade it. N now I need exotic components as well as the other named items. So if u could make a video now that’d be cool.

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