Division 2 Lucy & Buddy Third Raid Boss - Operation Dark Hours

Lucy & Buddy are the third boss in the Operation Dark Hours raid in The Division 2. They’re a pair of giant warhound robots – one does a bunch of damage, the other heals them both. The fight is relatively simple, but there are a few key mechanics you’ll have to figure out. If you get stuck in this phase, our Division 2 Lucy & Buddy third raid boss guide will tell you what to do.

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division 2 lucy buddy third raid boss
Division 2 Lucy & Buddy Third Raid Boss

How to defeat Lucy & Buddy

When you enter the arena, you’ll notice a big screen on the wall and two laptops. The screen will count down from the moment the robots appear, and you’ll have around six minutes to deal with them. If you don’t, you’ll wipe.

The catch with the robots is that you’ll have to damage them evenly. There’s a white rectangle around parts of both their health bars – that’s the maximum allowed difference. If one has considerably more health than the other, they’ll both heal at an alarming rate. You’ll have to call out the one you’re supposed to damage constantly.

As for the attacks, when you see Lucy crouch, quickly get behind cover. She’ll do a 360 attack can one-shot you. There’s a lot of cover around the arena, and you can spend most of your time behind it. The ones that are being focused by the robots can blindly fire from behind cover, while the rest do damage normally.

The other things you’re supposed to keep an eye out is the massive overcharge announcement. When your hear the robot in your ear say it’s preparing, two people have to run to the laptops and interact with them to stop it. Make sure to keep the robots away from the middle of the room – this will give you more time to cancel the overcharge when it starts, and it will separate your targets nicely.