Division 2 Raid Backpack Keychain Trophy Location - Dark Hours

Raid Backpack Keychain Trophy is a hidden collectible in the Dark Hours Raid in Division 2. The Dark Hours Raid secret backpack keychain location is hidden in an easy-to-miss corner in an area right after one of the boss battles. Those that just rush through the raid are bound to miss it, and even if you’re combing through the place, you might overlook it. If you’re having trouble finding it, this guide will show you where to find backpack keychain trophy location in Dark Hours Division 2 Raid.

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Division 2 Raid Backpack Keychain Trophy Location - Dark Hours
Division 2 Raid Backpack Keychain Trophy Location – Dark Hours (image via Reddit user thedarkhope)

Where to Find Backpack Keychain Trophy in Dark Hours Raid in Division 2?

To find the backpack keychain trophy in the Division 2 Dark Hours Raid, you’ll first have to defeat the second boss – Oliver “Weasel” Gordon, and his cronies before him, Dizzy and Ricochet. If you need help with that, check out our Division 2 Weasel, Dizzy, Ricochet – Second Raid Boss guide. Long story short: press the green panels to keep the gas orange in the first phase, and wait for it to turn orange on its own in the second phase.

Anyway, once you kill Weasel, you’ll have to force open an elevator in one of the corners of the arena. Clamber up to the higher level, and head onto the catwalk. Then, make your way across the wings of the plane onto the other side. Follow the catwalk to the left all the way to the small, lit platform on the left. You’ll spot the backpack keychain trophy among some metal crates. Make sure to communicate what you’re doing to your team well ahead, so that they don’t push forward without you and potentially screw you over.

So, that’s where to find the backpack keychain in the Division 2 Dark Hours Raid. Now, you might be having trouble even getting to this point, or proceeding after it. If that’s the case, check out our other Dark Hours raid guides, including How to Kill Boomer – First Raid Boss and Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide.

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