Division 2 Nemesis Blueprint Location - Exotic Sniper

Nemesis is an exotic sniper rifle in The Division 2. It’s part of the Tidal Basin update, and getting it requires you to collect four parts and a specific blueprint. Getting them all is tied to the weekly rotation, and people are finally starting to assemble the weapon. If you don’t know how to get the schematic or the parts, our Division 2 Nemesis blueprint location guide will show you.

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division 2 nemesis blueprint location exotic sniper
Division 2 Nemesis Blueprint Location – Exotic Sniper

How to get Nemesis Division 2

You can only get the blueprint after you’ve collected all four parts of the weapon. Once you have them, start the invaded Grand Washington Hotel mission. Defeat Puck, the first boss, and you’ll get the blueprint. If you haven’t already obtained the parts, you’ll first have to go to the Tidal Basin stronghold and look for a weapon crate with the Adrestia SR-1 sniper. Dismantle it, and you’ll get the Marksman Rifle Scope – The Tally.

After that, you’ll have to play all three of the other strongholds on invaded status. The final bosses in the invaded versions of Capitol Hill, Roosevelt Island and District Union Arena will give you the remaining three parts, but you can only play one each week. It’ll take you almost a month to collect all the parts, and there doesn’t seem to be a way around this limitation.

Once you’ve crafted the Nemesis, you might end up being a bit disappointed. It has a perk that allows you to charge shots, which makes them do more damage. When a charged shot doesn’t result in a kill, the next one is charged faster. There’s also a talent that marks enemies, which increases the damage you do to them for a while and lets you see them through walls. As for the passive talent, it’ll let you do more headshot damage with other weapons while the Nemesis is holstered.



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    Junk guide, no specifics and incomplete. author only want traffic to this page.

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    Disappointed in the best exotic in the game that hits like a truck and has an amazing holstered ability? Are you high??

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