Fortnite BR Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Under Bridges & In Caves

Search jigsaw puzzle pieces under bridges and in caves is one of the new weekly challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale. In order to complete it, you’ll have to visit seven caves or bridges and find a hidden puzzle piece near each. There are only a handful of bridges in the game, and the caves keep coming and going, so it might be a bit difficult. If you get stuck, our Fortnite BR search jigsaw puzzle pieces under bridges & in caves guide will help you.

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Bridge and cave jigsaw piece locations

There are only three bridges in the game at this point. The first one is in the far south of the island, near Lucky Landing. It’s the one with the overturned truck under it, northwest of the oriental-themed town.

The next one is a bit upstream from there, directly east of Shifty Shafts. It’s the orange one with two lanes and a bunch of vehicles.

The third and final bridge is in the desert. You’ll find it by following the road south from Paradise Palms.

Now it’s time to go looking for caves. Arguably the biggest one is in the umbrella-shaped quarry north of Loot Lake. Go to the bottom of the pit and you’ll find it.

The next cave is in the snow-covered southwest. It’s halfway between Frosty Flights and Happy Hamlet. You can either jump inside through a hole in the ceiling, which is surrounded by an evergreen grove, or through the entrance on the lower level.

There are at least two caves around the farm at Fatal Fields. The first one is northeast, under the big willow tree – it’s the one with the platform. The next one is northwest, and it’s the one shaped like a fork and knife.

If you go to Tilted Towers, you’ll find another cave. It’s on the east side of town, overlooking the river.

There’s also one at Lonely Lodge. It’s in the middle of the area, under the camping spot south of the lodge itself.


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