Division 2 Tidal Basin Stronghold - How to Start

Tidal Basin Stronghold is a new stronghold in The Division 2, and some players have been having trouble understanding how to start the Tidal Basin Stronghold. As it turns out, in order to access the Division 2 Tidal Basin Stronghold, you have to complete a specific mission, as well as having a certain gear score and World Tier. If figuring out how to begin the new stronghold has been giving you headaches, then our Division 2 Tidal Basin Stronghold – How to Start guide is the right place for you. We’ll break down what you have to do in order to unlock the Tidal Basin Stronghold in The Division 2.

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Division 2 Tidal Basin Stronghold - How to Start
Division 2 Tidal Basin Stronghold – How to Start

How to Start Tidal Basin Stronghold in Division 2?

To start the Tidal Basin stronghold in The Division 2, there are some prerequisites you’ll have to meet. Namely, you’ll have to be World Tier 4 and have a gear score of at least 425. If you’ve been playing The Division 2 even remotely diligently, then you’ve probably already achieved this. The only thing left to do now is complete the Gatehouse Facility mission. It’ll be marked on the map as a Priority Mission, and it starts just to the south of the White House, inside a small building with a big EXIT sign on one of the doors.

The mission itself is pretty simple, and you can complete it in about, oh, ten or so missions. It’s a very go-from-A-to-B affair; the only thing that might take a bit of time is exploring the facility. However, the underground lab itself is really small, so you’ll likely pick the whole place clean quite quickly. With the exception of the Biology Laboratory, which requires you to find the access code in order to enter. If you’re having trouble with that, head over to our Division 2 Gatehouse Facility Biology Lab Secret Room Key Location guide.

Once you finish the Gatehouse Facility mission, entrance to the Tidal Basin stronghold will be open to you. Good luck, agents. You’re going to need it. The Tidal Basin is, incidentally, not the only new thing that Ubisoft has added to The Division 2 with the new update. For example, you can now adjust the FOV if you’re playing on PC. If you’re having trouble finding it, check out our Division 2 FOV Slider Location – Where to Find guide.

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