Division 2 New Masks - How to Get Black Tusk Masks

New masks have been added to The Division 2 in the latest update. They’re part of the Invasion apparel event, which means they’ll only be available until May 2nd. There are only two of them, and they’re part of the Black Tusk costume set. If you’re wondering how to get new masks in Division 2 after the update, keep reading this guide.

division 2 new masks how to get
Division 2 New Masks – How to Get Black Tusk Masks

How to get new masks in Division 2?

The only way to get these masks is by opening special Invasion apparel caches. They’ll only appear for the next month or so, but there are several ways to get them. Everyone gets one for free if they log in during the event, while season pass owners get another three for the same effort. Then there’s the option to buy them using real money, as you’d expect. Finally, you’ll be able to get them as rewards for completing special projects.

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One of them is called Black Tusk Commander mask, and it looks like a slightly bulky gas mask with a tinted visor. We were lucky enough to get it from the first cache we opened, and the most important thing we discovered about it is that it allows you to combine masks with hats. You can wear these new cosmetics alongside beanies, baseball caps, helmets and any other kind of headwear you might fancy. The other is the Black Tusk Heavy Visor, which you’ll get after getting all the other invasion apparel cache items.

They’re a great addition to the wardrobe, but it’s a bit of a let-down that there’s only two. The base game did have a bunch, but they were basically all the same, with slightly varying decals. The hunter masks were fun to collect and display in the Base of Operations, but not that fun as clothing options, if we’re being honest. Especially not after the first one lost its shine.

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