Division 2 Two Bridges SHD Tech Cache Locations

Two Bridges SHD tech caches are collectibles in Division 2: Warlords of New York. There’s five of them in this area, and most of them are well hidden. You’ll have to scale buildings and complete platforming challenges in order to reach them. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you all Division 2 Two Bridges SHD tech cache locations.

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division 2 two bridges shd tech cache locations guide
Division 2 Two Bridges SHD Tech Cache Locations

Where to find SHD tech crates in Two Bridges?

The first one can be found in the east of the area, near the park. Go to the big intersection near the barricade, the one with the white truck in the middle of it. Go through the mesh gate and scale the wall on the left. Look up and to the right – you’ll see a sand bag. Shoot it to release the rope. Climb the rope, then the wall in front of you. Turn left and drop down, then make another left and drop down again. Turn around and you’ll see the SHD case on the floor next to the AC unit.

The second one is a bit northeast from the safe house. Go into the alley between the fancy building that looks like a bank and the one next to it. Turn left and climb up the stairs. Look up and to the left; shoot the sand bag to lower the rope, then use it to get up. Turn around and walk across the vent ducts. Jump over the railing and look for the crate on the floor to the right of the solar panels.

You’ll find the third one to the southeast from the safe house. It’s in the big school-looking building, the one with a bunch of yellow school buses piled in front of it. Go into the yard and look up and to the right. Shoot the sand bag to drop the rope, then jump over the barricade and shoot the padlock on the gate on the right. Go through it and climb the rope. The SHD crate is behind the duct on the left.

The fourth one is to the west of the safe house, in the big office building northwest of the control point. Follow the railway, and when you reach a fire truck, turn west and go past the black barricades. Turn right and enter the building. Open the elevator shaft behind the reception desk, on the right, and climb up the rope. Approach the window and shoot the yellow box. Go around and through the white door that just opened, and you’ll find the SHD crate on a desk on the left.

The last one is on the waterfront, in the southwestern corner of the area. Go to the outdoor mall and climb up to the roof of the Kerman Coffee building. Head right and drop down onto the shore. Climb up the other wall and drop down again. Walk through the shallow water and you’ll end up on a platform in the middle of the water, along with the SHD tech crate.