Division 2 Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations

SHD Tech Caches in Battery Park in Division 2 are special loot containers that have been added in the Warlords of New York DLC. As is the case with all the others, Battery Park SHD Tech Caches contain high-level loot. Plus, finding all five SHD Tech locations goes towards your completion percentage. You really want to find them as efficiently as possible. With all that said, we’re going to show you where to find all five SHD Tech Caches in Battery Park in Warlords of New York in our Division 2 Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations guide.

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Division 2 Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations
Division 2 Battery Park SHD Tech Cache Locations

Where to Find SHD Tech Crates in Battery Park in Division 2: Warlords of New York?

To find the first SHD Tech Crates in Battery Park in Division 2, we’re heading for the construction site in Nasau Street, in the east of the area, near the Trinity Church safe house. However, we’re going to access it from the street between Nasau and William Street. The first step is to climb up the stairs under the Meret Xmas sign and use the rope to rappel up to the roof. Go left and down the stairs until you reach the gate behind which the cache lies. You can’t unlock the gate from here, so go down the ladder. Facing said ladder, go left and through the hole in the fence. In this tight area, you’ll find another ladder leading up to the cache. From here, you can shoot the lock off the gate.

The second Battery Park SHD Tech cache is fairly easy. From the Trinity Church safe house, head down Broadway to the northeast and take a left into Dey Street. Around the middle of the street, there’s a gate with a lock on it that you can shoot. Open the gate and look above to see a barrel that you have to shoot to bring the rope down. Climb the rope and go straight forward. The cache is on a folding table next to a white, plastic lawn chair.

Battery Park SHD Tech cache #3 is also pretty simple to find. Go to the intersection of Washington Street and Rector Street and look for the white truck next to the blue laundromat sign. Climb onto the truck, then onto the platform with the yellow tarp. Head to the right and across the “bridge.” Use the rope to reach the upper platform. The cache is on one of the large coils.

For the fourth SHD Tech cache, we’re going to the northwest corner of Battery Park, to the place where Battery Pl. intersects itself. Head into the entrance next to the only taxi on the intersection. Go across the Wines and Liquors area, past the kegs and into the back room. Cross the hallway into the next room and climb up to the upper floor. Head through the door on the left. The cache is among several corpses, so that’s fun.

The fifth and final SHD Tech Cache in Battery Park is in the south of the area, to the east of the Waterfront Control Point. Your aim is a restaurant or cafe called Myrtle. Once on location, you have to climb onto the higher level of the building. There are two accesses to it, one in the north and one in the south. Both are marked by yellow tarps, as shown below. Whichever one you use, you’ll have to walk around the restaurant across the narrow ledge. When you reach the other side, you’ll find the cache on a large AC unit.

And that’s it when it comes to Battery Park SHD Tech Caches in Division 2: Warlords of New York. We’ve covered the SHD caches on the other regions in our other guides. The regions are, of course, Two Bridges, Financial District, and Civic Center.

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