Crafting, Blueprints & Materials | The Division

Crafting is a mechanic in The Division. It lets you create new items at the Base of Operations, using a blueprint and some materials.
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There’s an element of randomness to crafting – the weapons and gear you make will fit in a certain range, but you won’t know their exact stats until you’ve made them. This guide will show you how to craft items in The Division, how to get blueprints, how item deconstruction and material conversion work.

division crafting guide

How to craft weapons and gear

The first thing you need to do is get to your Base of Operations. You’ll find a crafting station there, opposite the entrance. When you approach it, the crafting window will open. It will show the blueprints you own divided into nine categories:
  • Weapons
  • Masks
  • Body Armor
  • Backpacks
  • Gloves
  • Holsters
  • Knee Pads
  • Weapon Mods
  • Gear Mods
You’ll get these crafting schematics the same way you get other stuff – through mission rewards, random drops, loot chests around the city, etc. Once you’ve found a blueprint, it’s yours for good – it cannot be discarded nor upgraded. It will always produce an item of the same level, with rougly the same stats.

division blueprints crafting items
Mind you, there’s a certain degree of randomization with every crafting action. The blueprint guarantees the level, rarity and the range of damage/armor/bonus value of an item. The precise stats are decided with a dice roll, though. Crafting the same blueprint twice will yield two different items.

There are 5 item rarities in The Division. Here’s what they’re called, from most to least common:
  • Worn
  • Standard
  • Specialized
  • Superior
  • High-End

Crafting materials

Once you’ve got the blueprint, you’ll need to find the required ingredients as well. You can check the requirements in the lower left corner of the crafting window. There are five different materials, each available in five rarities:
  • Fabric – used for gear and gear mods
  • Electronics – used for gear mods
  • Weapon Parts – used for weapons and weapon mods
  • Tools – used for weapon mods
  • Division Tech – used for Dark Zone blueprints
They can be found out in the world, looted off corpses and taken from chests, but you can also get them through item deconstruction. You can dismantle items you don’t need – you’ll lose them (and any mods attached) in the process, and you’ll gain some crafting materials. The rarity of materials obtained is the same as the rarity of the item used. For example, if you deconstruct a high-end weapon, you’ll receive high-end weapon parts from it.

When dismantling contaminated items, you won’t receive any materials. You’ll have to extract them first, then pick them apart from your base.

Material Conversion

material conversion the divisionIf you have common materials, you can exchange them for rarer ones. The conversion price is decent enough, and the process can make grinding for ingredients a bit easier. Each material can be made using 5 pieces of its more common variant. For instance, you can get a piece of standard fabric by using 5 pieces of worn fabric.

Of course, using low-level ingredients to get high-level ones will be a chore if you aim too high. You’ll need 625 pieces of the most common material to get 1 piece of the rarest kind. Deconstructing rare weapons might be the best way to get your hands on uncommon materials. Keep in mind, division tech cannot be obtained through material conversion.