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Side Mission Blueprints are rewards for completing side missions in The Division. They’re used for crafting weapons, gear and mods of differenty quality.
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This guide will show you all blueprints in side mission in The Division, what they allow you to craft.

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Weapon blueprints

Weapon blueprints are schematics that allow you to craft new weapons at a crafting station in your Base of Operations. They can’t be upgraded – they’ll stay the way they were when you got them.

NameSide MissionZoneRarity
Classic RPK-74Bounty: Michelle MasonChelsea (lvl 2-4)Specialized (Blue)
Military SCAR-HUplink Repair: ChelseaChelsea (lvl 2-4)Specialized (Blue)
Px4 Storm Type FMissing Person: Heather LauChelsea (lvl 2-4)Specialized (Blue)
MP-5 A4Supply Drop: Hudson Yards ArmamentsHudson Yards (lvl 5-9)Specialized (Blue)
Military M60 E4Complete all Side Missions & Encounters in areaHudson Yards (lvl 5-9)Specialized (Blue)
Double Barrel ShotgunMissing Person: Michael DufraneGarment District (5-9)Specialized (Blue)
Police M4Uplink Repair: Garment DistrictGarment District (5-9)Specialized (Blue)
Covert SRSInvestigation: Sterilization SuppliesPennsylvania Plaza (3-5)Specialized (Blue)
586 MagnumBounty: Lord of 212Hell’s Kitchen (lvl 10-13)Specialized (Blue)
M249 BUplink Repair: Times SquareTimes Square (lvl 10-13)Specialized (Blue)
M45A1Complete all Side Missions & Encounters in areaTimes Square (lvl 10-13)Superior (Purple)
Tactical Vector 45Supply Drop: Clinton Food SuppliesClinton (lvl 14-15)Specialized (Blue)
SASG-12Supply Drop: Flatiron Anti-virusFlatiron District (lvl 15-16)Specialized (Blue)
Enhanced AUG A3PComplete all Side Missions & Encounters in areaFlatiron District (lvl 15-16)Superior (Purple)
Hunting M44Procurement: UV FiltersGramercy (lvl 16-18)Specialized (Blue)

Gear blueprints

Gear blueprints let you craft pieces of armor – knee pads, holsters, backpacks, etc. They also stay the level you found them at, so there’s no way to improve them.

NameSide MissionZoneRarity
Knee PadsSupply Drop: Chelsea Medical SuppliesChelsea (lvl 2-4)Specialized (Blue)
BackpackSupply Drop: Penn Plaza Medical SuppliesPennsylvania Plaza (3-5)Specialized (Blue)
GlovesRescue: Pvt O’BrianChelsea (lvl 2-4)Specialized (Blue)
VestUplink Repair: Hudson YardsHudson Yards (lvl 5-9)Specialized (Blue)
HolsterRescue: Tenderloin CiviliansTenderloin (lvl 9-12)Specialized (Blue)
MaskBounty: Axel WallisGarment District (5-9)Specialized (Blue)
VestUplink Repair: ClintonClinton (lvl 14-15)Specialized (Blue)
VestComplete all side missions in areaGramercy (lvl 16-18)Superior (Purple)
BackpackRescue: Hell´s Kitchen CiviliansHell’s Kitchen (lvl 10-13)Specialized (Blue)
BackpackComplete all side missions in areaHell’s Kitchen (lvl 10-13)Superior (Purple)
GlovesComplete all side missions in areaGarment District (5-9)Specialized (Blue)
HolsterSupply Drop: Gramercy ArmamentsGramercy (lvl 16-18)Specialized (Blue)

Mod blueprints

Mod schematics allow you to craft weapon and gear modifications at a crafting station. They can be crafted multiple times and used on different items.

NameSide MissionZoneRarity
Heavy Magazine SpringBounty: Wild ChildHudson Yards (lvl 5-9)Specialized (Blue)
Ti-Rant SuppressorProcurement: Security CamerasHudson Yards (lvl 5-9)Specialized (Blue)
Vertical Grip Uplink Repair: TenderloinTenderloin (lvl 9-12)Specialized (Blue)
552 Holo SightRescue: Times Square CiviliansTimes Square ()Specialized (Blue)
Heavy Firing SpringComplete all side missions in areaClinton (lvl 14-15)Superior (Purple)
Extended MagazineBounty: Simon BurrisClinton (lvl 14-15)Specialized (Blue)
Omega Rifle SuppressorBounty: Big GFlatiron ()Specialized (Blue)
PEQ-15 LaserRescue: Gramercy CiviliansGramercy (lvl 16-18)Specialized (Blue)
This guide is under construction, and we’ll update it with new blueprints as we find them.



  1. K

    You can also buy blueprints from vendors at the Dark Zone entrances, as well as in the safe houses inside the DZ. These blueprints appear to be random and get restocked along with the other items after restock timer expires, and usually require at least DZ rank 10 to purchase.

    Also ,it appears that in addition to crafted items having a random number generator (RNG) roll as far as what stats they get, the blueprints themselves also have some sort of randomness a far as the damage range that a weapon can be crafted at (armor for the wearables). I’m not sure if this applies to blueprints that you get from missions as rewards, or just ones that you buy from the DZ. But my friends and I (all the same level) all bought the same blueprint from the DZ, and when we went back to look at it at the crafting table, the ranges that they had for their blueprint was about 500 dmg points less than the range I had for mine. In addition, when I crafted a weapon using the blueprint, the weapon ended up having 200 dmg points HIGHER than the max that the blueprint range had. I know that sometimes stats are a little buggy as far as displaying goes, but I’m going to assume that both of these RNG outcomes are by design.

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