Dark Zone Key & Chest Locations | The Division

Dark Zone Chests are rare loot containers in The Division. Found in the PvP areas of the game, they contain the best loot, as well as Dark Zone currency.
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To open them, you’ll have to find them first. After you do, you’ll need a Dark Zone Key, as well as a high enough DZ Rank. This guide will show you all Dark Zone Chest & Key locations in The Division.

division dark zone loot chest map locations
Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it with precise locations as soon as the game is out.

Dark Zone 01 Chests (DZ 01)

LocationWhere to find
dark zone chest dz01 subway stationThe first chest in Dark Zone 1 can be found just west of the Empire State building, in the subway tunnel. Find the subway entrance and turn left at the sign that says – 33rd station. Proceed down the stairs and turn left again, towards the rails. Follow the tracks inside the tunnel and you will see the chest in the corner of the room.
division dark zone 01 chest locationYou can see the second chest near a landmark, east of the Empire State building. It is just outside, near a huge container with "U.S. Army" written on it. The chest is surrounded with a lot of army sandbags.
dz chest train platformThe third one is in an abandoned subway tunnel, west from the location of the first chest. It is near a wall, next to a heap of green garbage bags. You can see a large commercial for Jonns beer on the wall.
where to find dark zone chestsThe final chest in this area can be found in the southeastern part, marked on the map below. It is at the end of a passage, between two large buildings. Get to the end of the passage and you will see the chest leaning on a small metal gate.

Chests in Dark Zone 02

LocationWhere to find
library dark zone chest dz02In the northeastern part of the map. It is near a building on the corner of the Madison Avenue and 38th Street. The western part of the building has an indented section. This is where the chest is, near a set of doors.
dark zone chest sports store manhattanFound in a landmark structure called Kalkesse, north of the Empire State building. Get inside and climb the stairs. The chest is just there, near a couple of sofas. There are two large blue panels on the wall behind it. Note that there might be a lot of enemies inside, so be careful.
dz02 chest contaminated containersHidden in the northeast section. There are numerous plastic contamination containers stacked all around it. The chest is next to a tall wire gate.
pvp loot chest divisionInside the building southwest of the corner on Madison Avenue and 36th Street. Get inside through a door with the restricted area sign near it. Keep going straight and, as soon as you reach a room with a mobile lift in the middle, stop and look to your right. The chest is placed against a wall.