Skills in The Division

Skills are active abilities in The Division. They are divided into three trees – Medical, Tech and Security.
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Each tree consists of four skills – you can switch between them at will. At first, you’ll only be able to equip one skill, but this later expands to three. There are also modifications for each skill – they slightly change the way the skill works, and you can choose only one at a time. This guide will show you a list of all skills in the Division, how to unlock them, what they do and how to best use them.

skills in the division
Note: This guide will be updated with more information when the game launches. It is a work in progress.

Medical Skills

Medical skills are used for healing yourself and your party members, reviving them when they’re down and doing recon.
  • Pulse: Allows you to use a radar to discover people (both enemies and friendlies) behind walls and in cover. Here are the mods you can use:
    1. Recon Pack: Increase range and mark loot chests on the map
    2. Tactical Scanner: Give a damage bonus against enemies you’ve marked using the skill
    3. Scrambler: Stop enemies from discovering you and your team using a pulse in PvP
  • First Aid: Heals friendlies in a small radius (including yourself). The modifications it has are:
    1. Defibrilator: Revive allies
    2. Overdose: Heal even more
    3. Booster Shot: Increase damage to healed players
  • Support Station: A stationary object that heals and revives friendly players who approach it. You can mod it with:
    1. Immunizer: Removes status effects from allies and makes them immune while in range
    2. Life Support: Revives allies in range automatically
    3. Ammo Cache: Allies regain ammo and their skill cools down faster
  • Recovery Link: This is the signature skill of the medic tree. It heals, revives and removes status effects from every friendly player in its radius. It also has an overheal effect.

Tech Skills

The tech tree is intended for DPS characters. If you’re interested in dealing as much damage as possible, these are the skills that will allow you to do so.
  • Turret: Drop a mini-turret that automatically shoots at enemies. You can modify it using:
    1. Active Turret: Increase damage and mark all shot enemies
    2. Dragonbreath: Reduce range, increase rate of fire
  • Sticky Bomb: Fire a remote-detonated bomb that sticks to any surface.
  • Seeker Mine: Fire a homing mine that explodes near enemies.
  • Tactical Link: Increases damage and critical hit chance of all friendlies in a certain radius. It’s the signature skill of the tech tree.

Security Skills

The security tree is made up of a set of defensive skills. It’s meant for those who have the habit of playing a tank.
  • Ballistic Shield: Gives you a big shield that protects your from damage for a while. You can only use a pistol while it’s active.
  • Smart Cover: Allows you to reinforce a piece of cover, which then grants more protectio to everyone behind it.
  • Mobile Cover: Lets you produce a piece of cover in the open, large enough to hold one person.
  • Survivor Link: This is the signature skill of the security tree. It gives increased speed and damage resistance to all friendlies in a certain radius.
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