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Dark Zone is a special PvP area in The Division. In it, you can fight both NPCs and other players, and receive the best loot in the game.
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The DZ loot works differently than regular gear, because it’s contaminated. This guide will tell you all about Dark Zone Loot in The Division, how to get it, how to extract it and what to do if you don’t want to lose it.

the division dark zone loot guide
Note: Since the game isn’t out yet, this guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more info when the game is released.

About Dark Zone Loot

While roaming the Dark Zone, you’ll fight AI opponents and other players. You’ll get rare loot (blue, purple and yellow items), XP points and DZ currency, which can be used to buy items from DZ vendors. You’ll only have 6 slots for loot in your inventory, and if you’re killed, one piece of gear will be chosen at random and dropped on the ground. If you’re a Rogue agent (someone who attacked others unprovoked), you’ll lose even more.

A good way to farm loot is by hunting down Rogue players. A team of at least two players should have no problem dispatching a single “evil” agent, and there are no downsides to killing them.

The catch with Dark Zone Loot is that it’s contaminated – it cannot be used right away. You’ll first have to have it cleaned up in your base. Walking all the way back every time your inventory is full would be insane – that’s where extraction comes in.

Dark Zone Loot Extraction

When your backpack is full, you’ll need to extract the loot if you want to keep on exploring. This is done by going to an extraction zone and firing off a flare, which will call in a chopper. When the chopper arrives, you’ll place all your new stuff in it, and it’ll fly the loot to your stash in Base Camp. By the time you visit it again, it’ll be ready for use.

The catch is, as soon as you fire off that signal, all the other players in the DZ will be notified. Some will come to use the opportunity and extract their own gear, while others will try to profit from the extraction by killing some unsuspecting players and stripping them of their equipment.

When calling the chopper, you don’t need to stand directly in the helipad – anywhere in the extraction zone will do. It will take 90 seconds for it to arrive, and then you’ll have 30 seconds to place your belongings in it. During these two minutes, your best bet is to find a vantage point and monitor the EP from there. Griefers will try to stop you from extracting, rogue agents with nothing to lose will come at you for your loot. You better be ready.

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