The Keep Maze Puzzle Solutions

Next to the Orange Tree area you’ll see a beautiful Castle. Puzzles in this area are completely different compared to the puzzles in any other zone.
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This area consists of two parts: in the front yard you’ll find 4 hedge maze puzzles, and in the backyard there is also a set of 4 puzzles that have to be solved by walking on the platforms. In order to activate the Keep laser you have to solve only one set of puzzles. If you need a hint for solving puzzles in the other areas check our guide for all puzzle solutions in the Witness.

Secrets: In this area I found so far 3 Audio files and a hidden Puzzle board.

the witness hedge maze The greatest reward for a person playing The Witness is solving the puzzles. Using a guide to solve them should be your last resort, when you are at your wits’ end. We found ourselves in that position many times while playing this game and that is why we provide these guides. Proceed with caution because there are spoilers ahead.

The Keep Hedge Maze Puzzles

There are 4 puzzles in the front yard. Your goal is to find the way through the maze and reach the looked door with a puzzle board on it. On this board you should draw the line that shows the way you walked through the maze. But, it’s not that easy at all, and in each maze you’ll find additional obstacles. There is also an Audio File in the ruins.

The keep walking on panels puzzles

In the backyard, there are 4 puzzles that can be solve by walking on the panels. You’ll come across different types of puzzles – collect all dots, separate different colors, tetris puzzle and symmetrical (two line) puzzle. Secrets: Before you start solving the first puzzle take a look at the statue of a guitarist and you’ll find the second Audio recorder on his briefcase. The third one is near the statue that you’ll come across while going through the passage between the second (purple) and the third puzzle (green).For this set of puzzles we strongly recommend you to get some paper out and draw the puzzles. The first maze puzzle is a simple one – collect black dots. Your task is to walk on the panels and collect two black dots. These dots are drawn on the puzzle board. If you step on a wrong panel, the door at the end of the puzzle will remain locked, and you’ll have to reset the puzzle and do it all over again. The second one is the colors separation type of puzzle, where you have to separate two by two white and black dots. The third one (tetris puzzle) was a pretty hard for me, until I realize that when you come to the obstacle that is blocking your path, you have to go back without activating any new panel, walk over the wooden panels, until you reach the other side of the obstacle. The last one is two-line symmetrical puzzle, so while you are walking and activating panels, on the other side of the puzzle, a symmetrical line will appear, thus, you only have to worry about creating one tetris shape.
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