The Division PC Version Graphics Options Leaked

An unsanctioned video of The Division had appeared on Youtube, but it was promptly taken down due to copyright violations. Thankfully, the vigilant users of Neogaf had already taken it apart before it disappeared, so we’ve learned some new stuff about the game.

the division pc graphic settings leaked
The video poster went through the settings menu before starting the game proper, so they were able to take a peek at the graphics options. Here are the sliders and switches they saw:
  • Vsync (on/off)
  • Frame Rate Limit (on/off)
  • Shadow Quality
  • Shadow Resolution
  • Spot Shadow Count
  • Spot Shadow Resolution
  • Contact Shadows
  • Post FX AA
  • Temporal AA
  • Sharpen Image (%)
  • Particle Detail
  • Enable Wind-affected Snow
  • Volumetric Fog
  • Reflection Quality
  • Local Reflection Quality
  • Sub-surface Scattering
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Parallax Mapping
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Depth of Field
  • Object Detail (%)
  • Extra Streaming Distance (%)
  • Chromatic Aberration (on/off)
  • Lens Flare (on/off)
  • Vignette Effect (on/off)
Being able to finely tune the look of the game will be great – especially in light of Ubisoft’s track record when it comes to optimization and game-specific graphics card driver updates that do more harm than good. One of the posters also noticed controller support being mentioned in the menus, which is nice.

The same thread is also host to some Low/Ultra comparison shots. Take them with a grain of salt, since the game isn’t out yet and lots of things are subject to change.
Source: NeoGAF
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