How to Trade Items in The Division

Item Trading is the process of exchanging gear and weapons with other players. It isn’t officially supported in The Division, although the developers have announced it will be coming at a later date. If you’re eager to trade before that, however, there is a way. You can only do it with people you absolutely trust, and only in certain conditions. This guide will show you how to trade items in The Division using the unofficial method.

The Division Items Trading Group

This system isn’t supported by the game, and it is based on trust. Here’s how it’s done:
  • You need to have a group. Preferably people you trust. If you lose an item this way, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.
  • Once you pick up an item, you have a short amount of time to “trade” it. The precise window is unknown, but the item will be bound to you after some minutes pass.
  • Drop it on the ground and any other person from your group will be able to pick it up. There are a couple of rules:
    1. The player who is supposed to get the item needs to be part of the group.
    2. They need to have been a part of the group when you originally picked it up, as well.
It’s nowhere near the sophisticated trading systems we see in today’s multiplayer games, but it’s better than nothing. You’ll only effectively be able to pass up on items and give them to teammates and friends who need them more. There’s still no way for in-game currency to change hands. The only way you could gain anything is if they decided to return the favor later on, making it into bartering. Still, it’s something, and we’ll have to make use of it until the official loot trading system has been implemented.

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  1. B

    How do you drop items? There seems to be no way to do that..

  2. B

    There is no way to drop items

  3. B

    To share an item it must be recently picked up and the person must’ve been already in your group at the time of discovering the item. To actually share hover over the desired item with the share icon (two Aries pointing in opposite directions) and share it. Ps4 share button (R2). Xbox One (LT).

  4. N

    Bob can you give an accurate comment or just keep spewing lies? Since the update you simply drop an item. If it’s with someone who hasn’t been I your group but is now you simply go to your main base, the hub. Its the post office for early in the game, you are the only one in here, other players can’t enter this space. You drop and item while you’re in this area then leave. Once you meet your friend outside enter your inventory, the item you dropped in the base is now able to be shared by holding RT. listening to idiots like Bob will get you nowhere. Good luck everyone!

  5. A
    Alexander Woodburn

    Actually, Bob4 is correct. I did this with my friend just yesterday. when you get a shareable item you go into ‘Inventory’ then to the item / Mod / Armor in question. you hold either Lt or Rt (forgot which) and you drop it for your allies. there is no implemented GUI for Trade and I don’t think one is coming until the Division 2.

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