Errors & Problems in The Division

The Division has launched and some people are experiencing problems with it. Error reports are slowly popping up all over the internet. Common issues are beginning to appear – some of them can be fixed with simple workarounds, while others require the developers to patch the game. This guide will show you a list of all the errors & problems in The Division, as well as how to fix them, if possible.

the division beta errors and problems
Note: The top errors in this article are related to the full game, while those towards the bottom are from the beta. We’re leaving them in case they start reappearing.

Black Screen on PC

Some PC users are reporting getting a black screen when starting the game and being unable to progress. When this happens, all you should do is press Alt + Enter. This will switch the game to windowed mode and make it work as intended. Once it’s running, you can change the resolution from the menu. Keep in mind that this is a bit more stressful for the hardware, so you might have to lower some graphics settings if you want to keep the flow (depending on your configuration).

If that doesn’t work, you can try another workaround:
  • Go to Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Divison
  • Open GFXSettings.Rogue_x64 (back it up before you do)
  • Change the “width” and “height” values to match your resolution
  • Change Windowed to Fullscreen
  • Save and start the game

Romeo, Delta, Mike errors

If you can’t connect to the servers and get an errors with Romeo, Delta, Mike, Lima, etc in the name, this means the issues lies with the servers. Ubisoft are aware of the troubles with the servers and are working on finding a solution. There’s nothing to do but wait.

Stuck in Prologue Bug in The Division

Some players are reporting getting stuck after finishing the mission in Brooklyn, not being able to leave for Manhattan. If this happens to you, there are several things you could try:
  • Restart the game – restarting the game helped some people, as it loaded the markers right this time, leading them towards the exit.
  • Find the gate yourself – several people have reported the game letting them leave after they’ve found the gate without help. Go to where the mission starts, walk down the street and turn right. Follow the path and it will lead you to the gate.
  • Replay the mission – this is the most time-consuming option. Doing the mission once over should straighten things out, but it takes time.

Can’t activate agent

Many people are reporting having trouble activating their agents in the safehouse. When trying to use the computer, they don’t get any new missions or notifications. If you’re having this problem, you could try restarting your console and starting the game again – this could place you in a different instance. The issue seems to be with the number of people, pushing each other and interrupting the activation process. It will either go away once the first wave of players moves on, or will be patched by the developers.

White Screen after launching The Division

Some PC users are reporting getting stuck at a white screen after launching the game. According to Ubisoft’s tech support, this is an indication your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements for playing the game. There’s nothing you can do about it, short of upgrading or completely replacing your rig.

Game starts minimized on PC / Fullscreen not working

A lot of players are reporting the game starting minimized after launch. Being unable to maximize the window or do anything else with it makes it unplayable. There are several things you could try if this happens to you:
  • Close background applications like Skype and the anti-virus. They could be taking focus instead of the game.
  • Turn supersampling (DSR/VSR) off in you graphics card control panel.

Resolution problems in The Division PC

If you’re having a problem where only part of the game screen is being shown, these are the things you could try:
  • Use Alt+Enter to switch to windowed mode. This could let you get into the main menu and change the resolution.
  • Change it manually by tinkering with the config file:
    1. Go to C:\Users\your-username\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy’s The Division
    2. Find GFXSettings.Rogue_x64.xml
    3. Right click, then choose Edit
    4. Scroll through the settings until you find resolution
    5. Set custom height and width, save and exit.

The Division Sound Issues on PC

PC users are reporting various issues with the sound in the beta. There are two things you could do, no matter what kind of trouble you’re having with the audio:
  • Change the sound quality in the PC’s sound settings:
    1. Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar
    2. Select Playback Devices
    3. Click on your Default Device
    4. Open the Properties
    5. Switch to the advanced tab
    6. Set the Default Format to 16bit, 48000 Hz (CD Quality)
  • Turn the game audio all the way up, and use either the volume control in Windows or the physical knob on your speakers/headphones to control the levels.

Mouse buttons not working in The Division Beta

Many PC users are reporting mouse buttons refusing to work in the game. Here are some solutions that have worked for others:
  • If you’re using a controller, unplug it. The game won’t let you use a mouse if a gamepad is plugged in.
  • If you’re using a Razer mouse, turn off the Synapse software.
  • Alt-tab out of the game and back. This will solve the problem for a while. Repeat whenever it happens again.

Division Beta Won’t Start on PC

If you’re trying to play on the PC, and you keep double-clicking the shortcut without anything happening, try running it in compatibility mode. Find the .exe file for the game, then do this:
  • Right click on the file, then choose Properties.
  • Select the Compatibility tab.
  • Tick the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode” and choose Windows 7 from the drop down menu.
  • Click OK.

Cannot loot Dark Zone Chests

Some players are reporting the inability to loot chests in the Dark Zone. When approaching them, nothing happens – no button prompts, no pop-up to say a key is needed. Like the chests cannot be interacted with. If you’re having this problem yourself, you could try restarting the console. Other than that, there’s no help. The developers are aware of the issue, and are hopefully working on fixing it.

Red Screen on Respawn

Another common problem, the Red Screen happens randomly after the death of your character. You respawn at the checkpoint, and the screen starts developing a red tint. Soon enough, you can’t see anything thanks to it. The solution is to restart the game. Simply logging off then back on has helped some people, but turning the game off completely is the only sure workaround for now. The problem never really goes away, but the developers have been notified of this, so a fix is probably in the works.

Invalid The Division Beta Code from Nvidia Giveaway

A certain number of people have received beta codes from Nvidia during a giveaway. Some players are reporting getting the “Invalid code” message when trying to redeem those. There are a couple of things you could try:
  • Use the redemption site instead of Uplay.
  • Contact Ubisoft support. If you manage to get through the queue, they could add the beta to your account manually. Don’t bother with Nvidia, as they’ve already spent all the codes they had and have no power over your Uplay account.
  • Try entering the code again. There are reports of codes being accepted after a few tries.
  • Make sure you’re not mixing up O (the capital letter o) with 0 (zero). The font makes them look similar.

The Division Beta Stutter and Framerate Issues on Xbox One

There have been reports of stuttering and framerate drops on Xbox One, described as similar to when a game loads a new area on the fly. People complaining about them said they go as mysteriously as they came, and there’s really no way to fix them. Since there’s nothing to be done about it, you might as well relax and enjoy what you can.

Cannot Stream The Division Beta on Xbox One

The Division Beta cannot be streamed via Xbox One at all. When you try to do via the Twitch application, it will throw out an error with a string of numbers in the name. Don’t waste time trying to fix this – it cannot be done. Xbox One automatically prohibits streaming of all games labeled as beta, and this is no exception.

The Division Beta Won’t Start on Xbox One

Some people are reporting not being able to play the beta on Xbox One despite buying the game. The console informs them they don’t own the game when they try to run it, or asks for a disc to be inserted. Here’s how to get around this problem:
  • Go to the Xbox Store.
  • Find Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta Bundle.
  • If it doesn’t say you own it already, you should add it to your cart.
  • It should be a $0 “purchase”, which, after being finalized, will allow you to play the beta.

The Division Beta Performance Issues on PC

If you’re experiencing performance issues with The Division beta on PC, there are several steps you could take to assure you’re making the most of it:
  • Turn off Vsync.
  • Use fullscreen instead of windowed/borderless.
  • Update your graphics card drivers.
  • Avoid unnecessary crowds in the Dark Zone.
  • After respawning, wait for the world around you to load fully before running off.
We’ll be updating the guide with more information about the issues as the beta progresses. Stay tuned!

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  1. M
    Martin Szalai

    I tried the compality fix. It’s not good, its still in windowed mode and i’m just see the mouse with whte background.

    1. T
      the lord

      the same thing happend to me to. i bought the gold edision for a reason and i ekspekt it to work when the beta is out

      1. Y

        The same for me i got are a solution

        1. Y

          *if you got a solution

      2. Y
        Yo Mama

        Before you ask a question, learn how to spell properly.

        1. M
          Mal Varitech

          Maybe you should learn some manners

    2. E

      That’s the exact same thing for me

    3. A
      abualhassan alsoltany

      as you
      i get a white screen and not responding 🙁

      1. G

        It’s says if you get a white screen, you’re screwed. You’re hardware isn’t good enough to run the game. No fixes or workarounds for that except to upgrade your system.

    4. R
      Rhys Skyrme

      hello, i was woundering if anyone could help me out… i have just bought the division on my PC and i waited 3 hours for it to install and now when i go to start the game from my desk top it simpily wont load. i have tried turning the PC off and back on and that didnt work and if i keep tring it just says that it is already open. if anyone can help please do. thanks

      1. W

        Well i just waited till the black screen went off, also try doin alt+enter a couple time

  2. I

    i am on the upgrade medical wing tutorial missions and i have got the supplies and upgraded them both but the mission has not finished help please?

    1. R

      Hey same here I’ve been stuck in the same part but can’t do anything I guess it’s a glitch or something

      1. D

        Yeah same here.. Really no clue what to do

          1. E

            Same here with the Tech Wing, please I need help

    2. L

      Same problem here, upgraded both but the it’s still not finished apparently. Ubisoft please

      1. M

        I got the same problem ubisoft fix please

        1. A

          Yeah, same here.
          *I got the full game*

  3. B

    I got the red tint problem and i have tried restarting my computer, reinstalling the game and it’s still red and i can barely play the game. Please help.

  4. D

    I was able to open about 3 dark zone chests when it first launched but now me and my friends are unable to open any of them.

    1. J
      Jordan Lair

      Lucky, i couldn’t open a single one… finished the beta with 98 keys LOL

    2. R
      Rouge Killer

      you have to wait untyil they respawn.. Once there open it wont be open for 15-20 minutes….

  5. B

    xbox one platform states error with MIKE 20240078, this is crap paid for beta access still can’t get on b******t

    1. D

      You paid for the GAME not the Beta. Beta is about testing. You found a problem. Congrats you’re doing what you’re supposed to.

  6. S

    How about the mouse buttons that don’t work until you alt tab out then once you get back in the cover and climb buttons don’t work anymore no matter what you change them to. I think I found the first game out of 230= games that I will be returning though steam….

    1. S

      It is a BETA. Problems are going to be there you selfish twat.

    2. A

      it is a fucking beta game, why bitch about your mouse buttons not working? you dumb or what? it is on fucking beta, youre supposed to see bugs and ubisoft will work on them before the final release, you dumbfuck

      1. T

        HAHA still happening mouthafouka

  7. D

    Anyone having issues launching The Division Beta through Uplay I may have found a fix. At least for myself and maybe others. I added it as a non-steam game on steam and launched it that way and it worked.

    1. J

      I had this issue also, but what I finally was able to do was just launch it through the games’ exe instead and it worked perfectly, now if I could just get the game to stay on without completely crashing my computer and completely locking it up after 10 mins, I’d be great.

  8. P

    I got a wierd issue where as my right and left mouse buttons don’t work at all and cannot be binded in settings either.

  9. R
    Rishabh Jani

    Black screen all the way. When i alt+tab, i get the cursor, but not the game. Waste of money tbh.

  10. A
    Antony Clark

    24 hours into Beta and can’t get the game to stop minimising – will not go full screen. Tried a fresh install, compatibility modes for win 7/8, admin – nothing. Probably more telling is the fact that all the complaints and issues have been wiped from steam discussions…

    1. Y

      Same issue, can run the game and hear the game but simply cannot have the game as my active window. constantly runs minimised.

  11. S

    also you cannot use software like multiplicity or mouse without borders as it will crash the uplay launcher when the mouse goes away on the pc you have started the game. And division cannot go on without the launcher, romeo and juliet all over. 10/10 wold like them to die again

  12. R

    i have problem that my start up menu the E and Q at the top left where it says continue game it has a shadow one orange one with no color how do i fix it please help

  13. G
    Gerald Garcia

    I’m not sure if anyone else reported it, and I can’t figure out how to post it on the main beta forum pages. I can’t open any chests. It’ll glow, and then it stops and i can’t open it. but all the other players can just waltz in there and take whatever but i can’t. In and out of the Dark zone in the regular part of the game. Just wanted to let the developers know. If anyone can pass it along. Thanks!

    1. J
      Jordan Lair

      same problem here but mine won’t even flash :/ the beta just ended and i had 98 keys -_-

  14. T
    Timothy Henderson

    The beta is unplayable for me and many others due to GPU driver crashes and other unexpalined reasons that the game crashes after about (1) minute of play. I am running an intel i5-3570k CPU and EVGA GTX 760 4GB FTW GPU with the LATEST driver (most recently issued for this beta and Tomb Raider). I have launched the game 36 times with the same result. I rolled back the drivers to the (2) previous versions again with same results. While the recommended GPU is the NVIDIA based GTX 970, The GTX 760 is on the SUPPORTED list and yet crashes..continuously after about (60-80) seconds.
    While this is a beta..and we expect issues..we also expect a SUPPORTED GPU to work. I’ve noted that in other forums others with NVIDIA based 700 series GPUs are experiencing similar issues.
    I did reduce all graphics settings to LOW, disabled VSYNC, HBAO, MINIMIZED all shadow qualities, ETC. … with same result. The DEVELOPERS need to address this problem ASAP.. or risk a demand for REFUNDS for those of us who PRE-ORDERED this software.

  15. A

    Cant finish the tutorial upgrade the med wing

  16. A

    my screen wont stop spinning and i am getting xbox controls (playing on pc)

    1. P
      Paul Davis

      Had exactly the same problem – figured out it was my Thrustmaster throttle that was conflicting with the mouse and gamepad. Disabled it in the control panel and it seemed to fix the problem. It’s also an issue with Ghost Recon Phantoms so am assuming they’re using the same code for the controller input.

  17. D
    David finn

    anybody having the problem when changing the graphics settings it crashes(for example when I changed the graphics preset from low to high it crashes) I’ve got an R9 390 latest drivers so I’m not below the specs at all.

    1. U

      Yeah, I got that issue too. I changed the settings from Low to High and it immediately crashes. And crashes instantly if I try to ‘Continue Game’ while the settings are still set to high. I can set them back to Low, and play then but I’m only in game for about 5 minutes before it errors out. So far I haven’t fired a round into a single hostile yet, and I have an NVidia GTX 950 D:. … That -should- qualify, right?

  18. M

    MY game still want start (playing on pc)

      1. K

        same here! pls help

  19. A

    I can’t even download it myself, click the download button on uplay and it loads up my steam library for some reason and does nothing. anyone else had this or knows a fix?

  20. A
    Asher Drake

    mine is stuck on the epilepsy warning screen and won’t go further and sometimes it’s stuck on the white screen. Also I can’t seem to click any of the window buttons(minimize, maximize, close)

  21. S

    Screen wont stop spinning, im using no Controller and Play on Pc

    1. P
      Paul Davis

      Had exactly the same problem – figured out it was my Thrustmaster throttle that was conflicting with the mouse and gamepad. Disabled it in the control panel and it seemed to fix the problem. It’s also an issue with Ghost Recon Phantoms so am assuming they’re using the same code for the controller input.

  22. S

    i got 2 Screens in 1 (when i hold ALT i see the Screen whit the keybord command and whitout i see the Controller Buttons on the Screen. the mouse works only when i hold ALT. anyone got the Problem???

  23. E

    i donwload the latest version of my graphic card driver and work for me 16.1

  24. J

    I have tried and tried to play this beta on my xbox i open the game and it runs perfectly till it has the Press A to play and press Y to switch profiles i press a and read the stuff then after i presss a again it says You do not have the correct permissions to continue please check your console settings and try again like why i have Xbox live and a gold account my internet is decent and i cant play

  25. M

    So… The white screen launch means I don’t mean system requirements? Seems like a cop out, based on what they have their minimum requires set as…

    I have (with the latest drivers)…

    System Information
    Time of this report: 2/20/2016, 17:26:46
    Machine name: FAMILYPC
    Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_ltsb.160119-0600)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: MSI
    System Model: MS-7817
    BIOS: V1.9
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3258 @ 3.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~4.3GHz
    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 8136MB RAM
    Page File: 10792MB used, 3980MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\Windows
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
    System DPI Setting: 144 DPI (150 percent)
    DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
    DxDiag Version: 6.03.9600.17415 64bit Unicode

    Display Devices
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
    Manufacturer: NVIDIA
    Chip type: GeForce GTX 960
    DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
    Device Type: Full Device
    Device Key: Enum\PCI

    Their claimed min specs are…

    Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2400, AMD FX-6100 or better
    RAM: 6GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 with 2 GB VRAM (current equivalent NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760), AMD Radeon HD 7770 with 2 GB VRAM or better
    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Drive Space: 40 GB of space available

    ….or am I missing something?

    1. G

      I have the same issue, I don’t understand. I also have a 960 and 8gb of RAM, so I think this forum is inaccurate or just wrong. Or the minimum requirements are false, but then again, my friends are able to play this game without any issue, and their PCs aren’t too great.

    2. G

      Yeah, you’re running a dual core Pentium. That’s does not meet the minimum requirement of an i5. So yeah, I guess you’re missing the ability to read and comprehend.

  26. A
    Arthur Westover

    It’s ridiculous that two weeks before the game launches, there are multiple problems from crashing on the epilepsy screen to constant crashes within 1-2 minutes after entering the game. That’s alpha stage stuff, not final closed beta two weeks from launch stuff. So “if” they fix these absolutely unacceptable issues in the next to weeks before launch, how will they and we know that they are all fixed for repeated and long term game play? Do they expect us to pay $60. for the game to only then find out at launch that all or some of these issues haven’t been fixed? That’s ridiculous… I’m not paying $60. for an unfinished beta product. I’ll sit back and watch to see if these issues are fixed, and if after a few days is the issues are still ongoing I”ll take pass on the game and save myself $60. Times that by tens of thousands of other people who do the same and Ubisoft will have created a huge failure in bad will for a vast amount of potential customers. … This crap should have been fixed months ago and the final beta should be a test of the final launch version considering that launch is only two weeks away. Fail marketing, fail development.

  27. K

    am i the only one having problems with missions not starting or progressing on ps4?

  28. G

    i cant open it, it just shows me a black screen with sound & white mouse … ubisoft pls fix the problem

  29. C
    Caleb Anserello

    After running the division for a while I run into a big issue where i cant use my controller keyboard or anything and my cpu is beeping like crazy it wont stop, I alt tab out and I cant press anything on my computer i have to hold down the shut down or restart button to get any control back from my computer

    1. S

      Man am I glad to see you post this lol, I am having the exact same issue and I was worried my hardware was failing… what are your specs? Is your GPU overclocked?

  30. E

    “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Clock OK to close the application.”

    Repeatedly comes up. Cannot load game at all.

  31. E

    pls ubef make a video how to fix all this stupid stuf and we pay this game 60 box and and not work pls fix fix

  32. J

    I bought the game one day after the launch, it was all good but yesterday i can´t play because the game is downloading again
    Pls help!!!!!

  33. One issue that i have noticed as of 3/12/2016, is that EVERY SINGLE obstacle that you lean against, jump over or climb on has the same chain link fence sound. Weather it be a chain link fence, a car, a concrete wall or even a building. Which is a little concerning, it takes away from the immersion of the game. It REALLY needs to be fixed.

  34. J
    Jared S.

    Killed a boss, had a gold loot drop that vanished when approaching the downed enemy.

  35. J
    Jahil Harris

    On PS4 after the plane crash sequence it won’t load or continue to the next board. After I erased my character and played through all the missions again and replayed the police station mission, it did the same thing some position que message pop up and the only thing I could was exit. So irritated right now.

    1. V

      I have the same issue I tried all the solutions but non of them work. My current issue is that after completeing the main mission in between proluge and Manhattan, my loading screen loads but never stops this is after I watched the scene with the explosion and helicopter. Help!

  36. D

    Did windows 10 update for brand new alienware r317 gtx 970 graphic drivers and now game crashes. Ran smooth before update but was still randomly crashing giving me a “BAD POOL HEADER” error msg that would cause my computer to restart itself every time. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. J
    Jonathan Jones

    UGHHHHHH! I have 4 echoes and SEVERAL weapon boxes that just aren’t there. They all show on the map but when I get there one meter away there is no echo. I’ve looked at YouTube videos and I’m DEFINATELY in the right places. The echoes And crates are just not there. ALSO MICHAEL DUFRANE PART 4. The door is already open and I can walk in and look at him crouching on the ground. I can walk right up to him, but I HE WONT SAY THANK YOU AND I CANT COMPLETE THE MISSION TO UNLOCK THE LAST LIKE 2 PHONE RECORDINGS!!! I love this game but come on game designers. Do your thing and let’s get this stuff fixed please.

  38. M
    Mauricio Correa Landim

    Cara to tendo muitos problemas no the division como pegar a caixa em stoque a tela buga e não consigo de mecher o mouse no jogo buga tanbèm e fica travando.

  39. L

    I keep getting blocked at the top of any stairs and I don’t know how to fix it any help?

  40. F

    hi i have a friend there have the devision but hess computer can’t lunch it what can i do to fix it

  41. J
    Jesper Gøttrup

    every time i have played the game and then try too log in agein, my pc freeeze up and i have too make a hard shut down off my pc.. after that i can play.. and help on how i can get rit off the pc freezing up..

  42. A

    Some of the issues I’ve noted are actually easy to deal with and some are not even issues. First off let’s talk about the not leaving for Manhattan issue. This is due to the game not having been fully installed. Like many games these days they allow you to play a portion of the game until the game is fully downloaded and installed. The best solution is to just get out of the game and let it finish installing. I can assure you this is worth it too folks. Otherwise you will incur MANY issues and problems with the install if you halt it’s progression or try to restart it. Next, the issue with the Dark Zone crates not showing up to loot. There can be several reasons for this. First and foremost you may not be rank 30 or have a Dark Zone key indicated for those particular chests. Another reason could be the chest has already been looted. Do not forget, the Dark Zone is not just a single party instance but the true MMO location for the game. So if a group already loots the chest before you get there, then you will not have access to it.

  43. B

    Uplay launcher wont load the game, have to use origin to launch it, and works everytime, always had issues with uplay games.

  44. J
    jack montgomery

    i downloaded the expansion dlc on xbox 1 and the new missions thats should pop up on your map aren’t there on the map
    I’ve tried redownloading the dlc but it doesn’t seem to work
    would you please take the time to help me with this i really want to be able to go to the underground

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