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Named mobs are a type of enemies you’ll encounter in The Division. They’re tougher than the normal thugs you’ll fight most of the time.
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These elite enemies have a little sign above their health bar, which indicates fighting them won’t be easy. They drop better loot than the regular mobs, and killing them can unlock a couple of achievements. This guide will list the named mob locations in The Division, along with advice on how to defeat them.


Twitch can be found in DZ 02, in the north-eastern corner. He usually hangs out in front of the library on the corner of Madison Avenue and East 38th Street. When we fought him, he had the help of four other thugs, so we suggest you don’t try to take him on alone. Approaching from the from and taking cover behind the cars is a good way to fight him. He sometimes glitches out and gets stuck if you kite him away from the entrance.


Clutch is located in DZ 02, a bit north of the extraction point. He can be found on the ground floor of the sports store on the corner of 5th Avenue and West 38th Street. Approaching him from the upper floors is a strategy that works great – it minimizes the amount of cover he gets and lets you hit him more easily.

Thanks to DaOpa, the Reddit member who mined the files and found additional information, we now have a list of bosses in The Division. We know their names, some of the weapons they use and some specific information. This guide is a work in progress. We’ll add more enemies and locations as we push further through the game.

Cpl. DorsmanHe is a leader of Russian mafia and a member of the Last Man Battalion faction. They are a private military organization set upon conquering New York.
GlassFor now, we only know the name of this boss. We will update the list if we find out more.
HornetA member of SOG, he uses an elite weapon – assault rifle ACR T2.
Sgt JacksAll we know about him is that he is a heavy gunner.
ScarecrowHis primary weapon is shotgun Saiga 12 T3.
RaptorHe uses an elite Sub-machine gun AUG T3.
SlingslotMarksman rifle SRS is his elite weapon.
Sgt. KingThis is an engineer in the Last Man Battalion (LMB). His weapon of choice is assault rifle POF 415.
ApolloAlthough we don’t have any info on him, he sounds stellar.
Larae BarrettA member of the Rikers faction that uses the same weapon as Sgt. King – assault rifle POF 415. Bra Boss and Powerplant are words found with this one. Perhaps it means that the boss is female and that the fight will be inside or near a powerplant.
KellerThis boss uses an elite Sub-machine gun called MP2 T2.
GambitHe is mentioned as a Dark Zone named boss that is a member of LMB.
O’RourkeAnother DZ boss, a member of the Cleaners.
AnimalHe (or it) is found in the Dark Zone. Another member of the Rikers faction.
DropkickLastly, there is Dropkick (Murphy?), a named DZ boss that is a member of the Thugs.

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