Division Season Pass Outfits

Season Pass Outifts for The Division are costumes that can be obtained by purchasing the season pass. There are 7 of them, and each includes an outfit and a weapon skin.
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Every pack will also contain a special Go-Bag with distinct abilities. To claim any of these outfits in the game and actually equip them you have to find a special vendor. We will list all the outfit rewards and discuss how to claim them in this guide.

How to claim the Hazmat Suit Outfit in the Division?

Everyone who pre-ordered the game gets an outfit for free called the Hazmat Suit. It will not appear magically in your inventory; you have to claim the reward from a special vendor. You will have to follow a similar process for the season pass outfit rewards.

Progress enough in the game to unlock your Base of Operations (in Manhattan’s Pennsylvania Plaza – around level 3-5). As you enter your Base keep going straight through another door (do not climb the stairs). Just keep going straight until you reach a vendor at the end of the hall. This is the Rewards Claim Vendor, where you can claim stuff like the Hazmat Outfit. Once you claim the outfit it will be stored in your inventory, where you can equip it (in case you don’t know how – go to your inventory and go to the appearance tab. You’ll find the Hazmat set in the Outfit Sets section).

Complete List of Season Pass Outfit Rewards

Firefighter The Division Shotgun OutfitN.Y. Firefighter Pack
This pack contains a custom-skinned super 90 shotgun, a unique fireman’s coat and hat for your agent and a Go-Bag that increases burn damage resilience.
National Guard Pack The Division OutfitNational Guard Pack
This one is for the would-be soldiers. It contains a custom-skinned P416 Assault Rifle, urban camo jacket, pants and cap, as well as a Go-Bag that increases armor.
Hunter Pack The Division Shotgun Outfit BundleHunter Pack
The hunter pack contains a skin for the super 90 shotgun, an outfit comprised of a Boonie Hat, a heavily pocketed vest and cargo pants, and a Go-Bag that increases shotgun damage.
Police Pack Outfit Shotgun NY BundleN.Y. Police Pack
This one will make you look like an NYPD officer on a cold December morning. It contains a custom-skinned 870 shotgun, a policeman’s uniform for your agent (a jacket and hat with the PD insignia) and a Go-Bag that increases your ammo capacity.
Hazmat Suit Outfit The Division BundleHazmat Pack
This content pack contains a custom-skinned P416 Assault Rifle, an orange jumpsuit that should protect from radiation but doesn’t, and a Go-Bag that increases resistance to exotic damage.
Paramedic Outfit Custom The Division Assault RifleN.Y. Paramedic Pack
If you want to look like you’re into helping people, this one is for you. It contains a custom-skinned P416 Assault Rifle, a paramedic uniform for your character and a Go-Bag that increases your healing.
Survivor Pack Bundle The Division Weapons OutfitSurvivor Pack
This is the dullest of the bunch, with no special meaning. Has a custom-skinned P416 Assault Rifle, a red jacket, black pants and a wool hat. Comes with a Go-Bag that increases your inventory capacity.
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