The Division Year One Trailer Released

Ubisoft have released a video detailing their plans for the first year of The Division. They’ve decided to add content on a regular basis – more items, new features and places to explore.
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The first few updates will be smaller, with the more substantial ones coming during the summer.

Here’s the rough outline of what they’re planning:
  • Incursions – A free update landing in April will add Incursions, an end-game activity designed for squad play. Expect fancy new gear and weapons at the end.
  • Conflict – In May, a new free update should change the way we approach the Dark Zone, while adding a new incursion set in Columbus Circle.
  • Underground – In June, The Division will be getting its first proper expansion, which will let players explore the sewers of New York.
  • Survival – Another larger expansion, this one is coming during summer. There’s no information about what it will add yet.
  • Last Stand – The third expansion is expected to come during winter. It will offer a defensive scenario, where you have to repel incoming enemies.
You can already preorder the expansions by getting the season pass, which will also grant you some bonuses, like extra events, content drops and exclusive outfits.

As for the new features, we’re going to get a trading system after all. It’s uncertain when, or how it will work, but we will get to trade our equipment with others. We can also expect the addition of gear sets – matching armor pieces that provide better bonuses when worn together. Daily and weekly assignments are also on the table, providing more things to do to regular players. Finally, something called “Challenge mode” has been hinted at, although we have no idea what it could be.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to be released on March 8th on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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