Doomicorn - How to Get & Claim Character Skin in Doom Eternal

Doomicorn skin is one of the character outfits in Doom Eternal. It’s an exclusive skin, available only to Twitch Prime subscribers. It dresses up Doomguy into a unicorn onesie, which is as good an incentive to subscribe to the service as any. However, a number of those who are supposed to get it are having trouble claiming the skin. If you’re one of them, stuck in a tantalising unicorn-les hell, with the plush onesie dangling just outside of reach, this guide will show you how to claim Doomicorn character skin in Doom Eternal.

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doom eternal doomicorn skin how to get claim
Doomicorn – How to Get & Claim Character Skin in Doom Eternal

How to claim Doomicorn skin?

Here’s what you need to do if you want to claim your very own Doomicorn skin:

  1. Log into Twitch
  2. Make sure you have a Twitch Prime subscription
  3. Go to this page and click the “claim now” button above the Doomicorn picture
  4. Link your Amazon account with your account
  5. Start up the game – the skin should be available in the customization menu
  6. If it’s not, go to the settings tab in the options
  7. Click “Reconcile Entitlements”
  8. Restart the game/console and try again.
  9. If it still isn’t showing up, try playing for about 30 minutes then look for it again (yes this is official advice from Twitch)

After you’ve unlocked the skin, you’ll be able to level it up by collecting event XP – this will unlock additional accessories that will let you customize the ridiculous outfit further. Claiming the skin is a relatively simple procedure, yet you’re probably going to run into some trouble. It’s bound to happen when two big, unwieldy systems interact. Just follow the steps outlined above and have patience. If you still can’t get your skin after that, you can always drop a line to both Twitch’s and Bethesda’s support teams.

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    i was wondering what would happen if i were to cancel the subscription to amazon prime or twitch prime

  2. K
    Kevin Braggs

    this doesn’t work anymore. Can’t even get the “claim now” to appear.

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